Sunday, September 25, 2011

CUPS for better sentence structure

Here's a cute idea from a team mate at school that is so very sweet to share generously!

We've been working on sentences and having them write sentences using their vocabulary, spelling, and high frequency words in grammar.

Here's her take on C U P S...with a little frog spin too....

After the kids write their sentence they ask the CUPS questions...if they can answer yes to all they build a cup at the end of their sentence.  This way I know they've theory anyway :)

C  -  Did I start my sentence with a capital letter?  If yes, they draw the oval for the top of the cup.

U  -  Can I understand what my sentence says?  If yes, they draw a U under the oval for the bowl of the cup.

P  -  Did I use the right punctuation mark?  If yes, they draw a heart on the cup bowl.

S  -  Do I have spaces between my words?  If yes, they draw the handle on the cup.

Download a copy of the idea and the words we used for the first couple of stories in Reading Street.

Thanks Nancy!  You're amazing!

Sorry for the sporadic posts.... BAND has taken over my life at the moment!  And I'm enjoying every minute of the time I get to volunteer with them....well....almost every minute anyway!!!

If you'd like to check out my son's Wonderful....Awesome....Truly Amazing band show this year, you can click on this link to see them perform at their first competition in Martin, TN....they are Super Fantastic!!!!

Click here to see the's not complete yet...they've still got a song to go, but boy am I proud!

Enjoy your day!


  1. I love the CUPS idea! I just came up with an acronym for the writing process. The POWER of Writing...prompt, organize, write, edit, read. I posted my signs on my blog.

  2. Thanks for all the great ideas! I gave you the I Heart Your Blog Award.

  3. Thanks so much! I shared this with my firsties yesterday! We made an anchor chart and they have loved having the reminder!!