Monday, September 5, 2011

Community Helper Writing Project

We've been asked to have our students turn in a writing project on community helper this
Here's some of the resources and things I've put together to help my team complete.
We'll start off with the BrainPopJr. on "Community Helpers".
Then move to stories from the library on the different community helpers.
and the Power Point  "Who Wears These"....

Then I plan to have the kids work in pairs to complete the tree map of community helpers...

and then we'll move onto writing a "paragraph" of sorts using the tree map to help...

All of this over the four day week coming up to hopefully end in a great writing sample to turn in next Monday :)

Download the pages and resources Here!



  1. Looks great! Thanks for the wonderful share!

  2. Nice I totally love that you said tree map, have you done Thinking Maps? I really like them. Great stuff.

  3. I actually learned about the thinking maps by looking at so many wonderful blogs...the tree map is my favorite :)
    Hope it works for you!