Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where Did Humpty Dumpty Sit?

I love to touch on some of the Nursery Rhymes during the first month of school.  It gives the kids something of a "handle" to hold onto.  I've also found lots of interesting books to coincide with each rhyme.  Like Daniel Kirk's "Humpty Dumpty".  This fabulous rhyming book goes into detail about how Humpty came to be on the wall and the ending is a precious lesson on bravery and friendship!  Love it!

The KinderLit company has a great book I purchased at a conference one year that has beautiful and easy artwork pages to go along with each nursery rhyme.  And of course Dr. Jean has wonderful songs that go along with the stories too.

After reading the nursery rhyme and the story book, we talked about the vocabulary word:  setting.
Then we talked about all the places that Humpty sat in Daniel Kirk's book.  We brainstormed other places that would be neat to have Humpty sit and created our own book 
"Where Did Humpty Dumpty Sit?"
I used the iPhone app "Sonic Pics" to take a picture of each of the children's pages and then had the kids record their "story" on the picture.  With sonic pics, you can import the movie right to your computer.  Then I added the movies into iMovie and created this cute online version of the class 
Swamp Frog Humpty Dumpty Book...


  1. Really cute activity! I'm going to have to try that app. Thanks forvthe idea!

  2. Super cute. Their little voices have me excited to start the school year!

  3. aww! Love the simple part of the students reading their own work!! LOVE LOVE! Thanks for sharing!!

    Sarah Hetrick

  4. I love this idea. Thanks.
    ,1st in Maine

  5. So precious to hear the kids read their work! What a great idea!

  6. Love this. Used your idea and recorded my students reading a story they wrote. I am suppose to use it for a parent presentation tomorrow night. Now, I can't get it to load to my computer. It keeps saying 'can not display the web page'. Any quick ideas that might save me before tomorrow night? It won't let me email it and it will not connect me to You Tube even though I know my password is right.

    Leslie Valsamakis