Friday, August 12, 2011

WB Teaching and a New Lesson Plan Design

School started back on August the 8th for us and we're busy learning procedures and setting our classroom rules!  If you've never googled Whole Brain's the time to do some research!  I'm loving the way it's working in my class! 
They love the teach part!

Teachers are working on learning how to design our daily lesson plans using the 
AFL lesson design.  Anyone already using this on a daily basis?  Would love to see your approach to managing the amount of time to complete it when planning for the whole week!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Love love love your WBT video! I'm inspired to give it a go this year!

  2. We are using the AFL format everyday at Highland Oaks. We use one lesson plan for each subject and simply put
    So it is not as long as it could be...still takes some time though. Hope this helps!

  3. Wendi,
    I LOVE WB Teaching....however, just to isn't my video, just one I thought was helpful and found on Youtube.

    Jenna, Thanks for the input on the lessons!

  4. Your WBT video is so awesome! The beginning of the year lessons always make me nervous. I've used WBT for two years and the first year was great but last year was not so good. I had one little guy who refused to participate and made it his mission to keep everyone else from participating as well. Hopefully, I can get my class like yours!!

  5. I am checking out the WBT site right now. Do you have a copy of your AFL lesson plan that you could post in MS word so I could give it a try on my own?

  6. Heidi, haha! I was CONVINCED that this was your class and I've pictured YOU in my head every time I thought of WBT while camping in Vermont. Imagine my family watching me thinking of YOUR class that wasn't even YOUR class! LOL Well, you still inspired me and I'm happy about that!

  7. Heidi,

    Watching the video brought back many memories. I used even with my fifth graders! They loved it.
    Especially the "Class" part because I loved making all kinds of different voices they got to imitate.
    It was wonderful with the first graders also. But it takes a special type of teacher to do this type of thing.. one that is a little silly, maybe... lol


  8. Thanks, so much! It was so inspiring to see the kids actively involved in class, I have tears in my eyes.

  9. Just ran into your blog via Pinterest-- our entire school (FL) uses WBT! Nice video. Love to see other Firsties in action!