Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Number Crunching Monsters

Check out our Number Munching Monsters
I needed a visual to get the kids to see greater than and less than before using only the sign.
We created these number crunching monsters and had fun manipulating chips to show numbers that the monster might eat.  Then we "read the sentence"....

One is less than four.

Five is greater than two.

I tried to get the kids to create the number dot patterns that we've been talking about during Topic One from Envisions.  Easier said than created for some  :)  But we had fun with our monsters!  We'll use the same technique tomorrow, however, we'll replace our chips with large plastic numbers so we can see the numbers taking the place of the dots.

Here's the sheet with the words if you'd like to download.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Can Target Statements

I've created some "I Can" learning target statements that I display near my board for the week.
We used to have the SPIs and GLEs displayed, however, after adopting the Common Core, we've switched to using the "I Can" learning statements.  I think this works so much better for the kids as it's actually words and sentences that they can understand.  Plus it really helps me when I'm telling them what we're going to be learning during the lesson!

You can download or watch from the internet here.

Or you can download the power point and change the words into statements that your kids will be able to follow!

The actual power point I created uses the Comic Sans font as well as "Peggy Font".  You can download the "Peggy Font" HERE.

Enjoy the day!

September 7, 2011....Here's the updated Power Point up to Reading unit 1-4 and Topic 2 in Math

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Assessment Power Points for Reading Street Stories

I've created some assessment power points to see if I can better use them to assess my kiddos at the end of the story.

You can click here to go to the internet version of the power point.  This is the first one I used and I liked how easy it was to have the kids come and go through the words.  I may download to my iPad and find it something that I can assess with a few as we wait in line for the bathroom :)

I used the "Print Clearly" font when creating the power points, however, the internet versions don't recognize this font.  You may wish to download the "Print Clearly" font HERE and then try downloading the power point from the link below.


Some may find this link better to download the power point to their own computers.

Here's the link for the internet version of the power point assessment for "The Big Blue Ox".

Some may find this LINK better for downloading.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet the Teacher

Take a hop over to the blog hopping pad and check out all the great teachers that are blogging in the blog world!  It's "Teacher Week" on the blogs and today is "Meet the Teacher Monday"
Click Here to get to the Blog Hoppin Pad

Tell us something about you...
I'm a First Grade teacher, a wife to an ultra runner, and a mother to an awesome son!  We have a very spoiled pup that we love dearly and a cat that we tolerate :)  Hop on over to my class web page to see some of the things we love to do as a family.

How long have you been teaching?
I started my career in a small rural school in the town of Brunswick, MD in 1986 after graduating from The University of Akron in Ohio!  Wow....seems like just's a good thing my math skills stink....I'd probably choke if I knew how I've really been teaching!
I taught for 2 years in Brunswick, met my hubby at the Naval Academy and moved to San Diego,Ca where I was not allowed to teach in the public schools...(didn't have 5 years of college and didn't speak enough spanish)...but the private school life taught me a great deal and I loved the freedom it gave me to teach to a great group of families!  Started a Mommy and Me class in Rhode Island and then back in Chula Vista, CA before coming to Tennessee to sub for awhile....8 years later and I'm enjoying teaching in a public school again (guess my 4 year degree works well in the south) !

You might know.....
I'm addicted to the internet and all things techy...well MOST things techy!  I love reading on my iPad, but not as much as on my Kindle!  I enjoy creating and sharing games to help the kids learn in a fun way!

This year I'm looking forward to .....
Hopefully having a student teacher!  Using more WBT in the classroom....and seeing my froglets grow!

I need to improve.....
My ability to control my tongue and my actions!  I'm too quick to speak and act sometimes!  I need to learn to stop and think before I do...

Can't wait to share more this week!  Enjoy your day!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Reading Street Spelling

Check out the Reading Street Spelling lists for the whole year.  They're on the 

Need something for your advanced spellers....I've posted some of my lists on my classroom web pages.
Hop on over to the swamp and check them out.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where Did Humpty Dumpty Sit?

I love to touch on some of the Nursery Rhymes during the first month of school.  It gives the kids something of a "handle" to hold onto.  I've also found lots of interesting books to coincide with each rhyme.  Like Daniel Kirk's "Humpty Dumpty".  This fabulous rhyming book goes into detail about how Humpty came to be on the wall and the ending is a precious lesson on bravery and friendship!  Love it!

The KinderLit company has a great book I purchased at a conference one year that has beautiful and easy artwork pages to go along with each nursery rhyme.  And of course Dr. Jean has wonderful songs that go along with the stories too.

After reading the nursery rhyme and the story book, we talked about the vocabulary word:  setting.
Then we talked about all the places that Humpty sat in Daniel Kirk's book.  We brainstormed other places that would be neat to have Humpty sit and created our own book 
"Where Did Humpty Dumpty Sit?"
I used the iPhone app "Sonic Pics" to take a picture of each of the children's pages and then had the kids record their "story" on the picture.  With sonic pics, you can import the movie right to your computer.  Then I added the movies into iMovie and created this cute online version of the class 
Swamp Frog Humpty Dumpty Book...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Songs to Teach

I LOVE teaching concepts and procedures with songs. 
 I just find it engages my kiddos so much more and they tend to keep it in 
their brain a lot longer!  

Here's one of the first songs we start singing from the very first day....
I think I was at a conference in Texas when I first heard the idea, 
but I have no idea who created the song.  
I had to adapt the words a little as we put 
our name AND our number on the paper.  
But it's rare that I have an un-named paper now :) 

I had the words made into a poster and it hangs
proudly at the front of the room.  

Download the song words [HERE]!

Enjoy your day!

Friday, August 12, 2011

WB Teaching and a New Lesson Plan Design

School started back on August the 8th for us and we're busy learning procedures and setting our classroom rules!  If you've never googled Whole Brain's the time to do some research!  I'm loving the way it's working in my class! 
They love the teach part!

Teachers are working on learning how to design our daily lesson plans using the 
AFL lesson design.  Anyone already using this on a daily basis?  Would love to see your approach to managing the amount of time to complete it when planning for the whole week!

Enjoy your day!