Saturday, July 30, 2011

San Diego Quick Assessment

I sure do miss having the Great Pacific Ocean only 30 minutes away!  

However, I can reminisce about my favorite place each year school begins as I give my students the "San Diego Quick Assessment" that first week of class :)

If you do a google search on "San Diego Quick Assessment", you'll have a multitude of sites and pdf formats to download and enjoy.  It's a quick and simple test I've used over the years to help me quickly place my kiddos into small groups before the first two weeks are over.  As more testing and observations are made, I can move the kids from group to group as needed....however, I find this quick little assessment is usually pretty good about putting them into the right placement!

I've created a power point to go with the PrePrimer through the Fourth grade lists of words so that I don't have to have any papers sitting on the desk.  I plan to download the power point as pictures and upload them to my iPad or iPod.  Then the kids can scroll through the words and say them as they can...while I make notes on my computer or on the record sheets that are available online!

Download the Power Point for the San Diego Quick Assessment Words Here...
or by clicking the link below...

Have a great day!


  1. Awesome post! I used the San Diego Quick Assessment with students before and really liked the assessment. In my school I have a bunch of required assessments similar to this one. I still think this is the best one to use and use it with my kids I tutor.

  2. great idea...thanks so much for sharing