Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Kiss Your Brain!"

Check out what I discovered "hiding" in my "Craft Room"
 (read room where everything school and photo related gets dumped)!

I've been enjoying some "Pinterest Time" to debrief from this mornings band camp...
First the Bass Drums had sectionals in the room I was working.....
Then the Sousaphones arrived!  Gotta remember the Advil tomorrow :)

I really do enjoy the camp and the kids....but there's a REASON I teach First Grade :)

So...back to the Pinterest Get Away....

I pinned this cute idea from Mrs. Bond's Fantastic First Grade Website

I love the Dr. Jean song and we "Kiss Our Brains" quite often in my class....but how cute would this be to sometimes award a very thoughtful and unique idea/response with a real Hersey's Kiss?

Enter my "find" in the montage of a craft room...
Is this not perfect to sit in the classroom and entice the kids to really put some thought into their answers?

I took all the stuffing out and added two buttons on the sides of the seams ....

To each button, I added a sticky velcro dot.

Now....when someone deserves an extra special kiss on their brain...they can get a nice chocolatey treat....not to mention, when the teacher might need a little chocolate kiss too :)

Thanks to Mrs. Bond's Fantastic Idea....

Enjoy your day!


  1. I LOVE this little guy! I just made new candy/reward jar labels and one of them is a kiss your brain label!

  2. Super-cute! I have a jar, but a kiss-guy with legs, seriously?!?

    Love it!

  3. Very cute... I put hershey kisses with the students names on the pull tag in the hallway with the saying "We are a sweet bunch". I made the kisses by covering the template of oaktag with tin foil.

  4. Cute idea!

    Randi, I would love to see a picture of your candy jar for Kiss Your Brain! Please share! LOL

  5. This is fabulous! I just shared it on Facebook, so my teacher friends could check it out.

  6. Love it! But how to not kiss MY brain a lot lol