Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cupcakes AND Books Make a Perfect Match!

Cover to Cover is a local bookstore in Arlington, TN.  It's got a new look, a new location, and a new buddy....the cupcake!  And not just ANY cupcake...these are THE BEST cupcakes EVER!!!!  Talk about having to go on a diet after this summer's find!  YIKES!!!

Along with the great books, you can order a coffee and a cupcake to sit and enjoy free internet at the adorable cafe tables!  The coffee is from a local business as is the unique pottery for sale!  There's a small assortment of ice cream and some yummy sodas to choose from as well.  Don't like cupcakes...then perhaps you'd prefer a brownie.  I'm tellin' ya....this is the place to be!

The grand openings this Saturday, July 16th...I will of course be stopping in for the dollar cupcake bargains from 6-8!  YUM!!!  

Check out their facebook page too:

If you're going to the Shelby County Teacher Workshops at Arlington Elementary School...you are SOOOOO close to sweet goodness!  Be sure to stop in and see what yummy treats are available that day!  I'll be heading over there after the Math workshop on Friday at 11am...see you there?

Here's to trying to be good and not go for a cupcake right now!  (Especially since I just had one last night and plan for one on Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday of this week!)...what can I say?  It's a great place to meet up with friends and enjoy good sweets and conversation!



  1. I not attending the Math workshop on Friday but I just might join you at Cover-2-Cover!

  2. Join away friend!!!
    See you Thursday and maybe Saturday? Same bat time???same bat channel???

  3. They are SO yummy! I was at a friends house the other day and she had bought some for our get-together. Glad I don't live too close to it.

    Kinder Kraziness

  4. Wow!!! Books and cupcakes are the perfect couple. Bring in a cup of coffee, and life cannot be more perfect.