Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bottle O' Words! like the water thingy on my fridge again!  So, I'm a big filtered water kinda girl...yeah, yeah, I know the water in my area is supposed to be the is what it is.
I found these cool bottles of water at ....wait for it....Target!

So my brain starts ticking and thinking that it would be really fun to have BIG word bottles to search for the words would take a TON of rice to fill this baby....literally!  And then there would be the noise factor and the weight factor...some of my firsties have the tiniest arms ever!  So the challenge became what to put into the jar to have the kids swish around to find the words...not too loud...and not too heavy!  And Viola!

Perfect filler for such a big jar and very quiet and light!

So now...what to write the words on....
from the Target Dollar Spot!  Love it!

Now I have a huge jar of words to shake and find!

And then I thought I'd throw in some Debbie Diller and make a journal for the kids to record their words in so that we could keep a record of who finds what words on which date...tried to 
use the I can statements I so love from her!

Thought I'd start the first couple of weeks with a Big Bottle O' Kindergarten Sightword Review!

Need the labels?  Download them for free from my Teachers Notebook Shop!



  1. This is wonderful. I shared with facebook teacher friends. Thanks for sharing

  2. love it
    You are so creative :o)

  3. I am cracking up laughing that as teachers we can't even drink water without thinking of a fun creative project to do with it when we are done!! You rock!

  4. I love this idea! Thanks for posting! I just found your blog! Where did you get your cute blog button? I do not have one yet and would like find one...
    Come and check out my new blog. I am having a giveaway!

  5. I'm so glad everyone is having fun! Yes...even drinking water, I'm thinking...ever wonder if that functioning part of my brain will turn off???
    I created my blog button myself...I used lady bugs teacher resources blog to help...You can google her or click her link on my blog...she's wonderful! She even has a tutorial for creating an active link in your comment posts....enjoy!

  6. Popping by to say Hi. You were spotlighted in my Blog Mixer Linky Party.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  7. The students are going to love it!! What a crafty teacher.

    First Grade Factory

  8. Great idea! My husband just got a package yesterday with lots of packing peanuts in it.

  9. Love it!!! Where did you get the fillers from?

    Learning Ahoy

  10. I found them at the local Hobby Lobby and they were 30% off ....bonus!

  11. Hey! I love this idea so much! I have a Green Classroom blog and I just did a post with a link to this post. If you take issue with that and would like me to delete your name and pic, just let me know. Thanks so much!
    Here's the post - Your Green Classroom

  12. So how many words are in the jar? I don't want to overwhelm my kiddos with too many. And I had to improvise with my jar :) I COULD NOT find foam shapes so I bought half-dollar size foam stickers that I'll write the words on the back of and am going to fill my jar with shredded paper. I love your idea!

  13. Great idea! A colorful and fun way to learn!

  14. Thanks for sharing your colorful and fun idea! Love keeping learning creative and exciting!