Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blog Alert!

Hop over to this adorable blog...."Busy Bees" for a great idea on the "Mystery Letter Bag"!

I may have to snag this idea to use with something this year...I've got tons of old lunch bags that could be snazzied up and put to better use!  Plus I love the idea of having the kids read off clues...

I've used this idea before with just a plain old paper bag and had the kids bring in 100 of something for 100's day ....their something had to fit in a 20oz. or less clear plastic bottle...make sure you add in clean to the directions :)
It was a fun one time thingy...but this Busy Bee idea could be a year long treat!  I could see sending the bag home on Friday and asking that it be brought back by Wednesday...call it something like "Wacky Wednesday's Mystery Bag Treat"... well...maybe not that, but you get the idea!

At any rate...take a hop on over to the "Busy Bee"and look around!


  1. I really appreciate your blog! You have fabulous ideas and you like frogs what more could I ask for:) I checked out Busy Bees, what a great activity and cute blog!! Thanks for blogstalking for me!!

  2. WOW!! Thanks so much for the shout out on our blog and our Mystery Letter Bag. The kids love it and there are soooooooo many different ways to use it in the classroom!!