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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Traveling Tips, Tidbits, & Trivia

Traveling Tips, Tidbits, & Trivia
whoas and whatnots from our travels this summer

#1 ~ No matter HOW much Dramamine you take before flying.if you take a shot of Neupogen the day’re GONNA get sick on the plane!!!  Not necessarily five times like me!  But....Yuck anyways!

#2 ~ ALWAYS look for the barf bag in the airplane seat pocket BEFORE the airplane starts flying!  Flight attendants are MORE than happy to get one (or two or four or five) for you to have on hand!

#3 ~ Turbulant winds DO affect the way liquids travel from high up to low down!  Be sure to adjust accordingly!

#4 ~ Driving 60 miles really IS worth it to get a cup of coffee from the ORIGINAL Starbucks store location in Pike’s Market!

#5 ~ Paying $14.50 to park for 2 hours and then getting lost trying to find the Original Starbucks location may cause you to “ponder” the validity of your original opinion about setting out to find this location in a strange and VERY populated city BY YOURSELF!

#6~ Sometimes 50 mile runs take longer than a runner may originally think!  Be prepared with lawn chairs, towels, snacks, iPad (with 3g of course), and sunscreen!

#7 ~ ALWAYS have a picture of the runner you’re waiting for at the finish in case the announcer says your runner crossed the finish line and you need to prove that the person they announced was NOT your runner!  and to kindly please still look for them on the course.

#8 ~ Advil is an appropriate medicinal helper for stressful wives waiting for 45 minute overdue running husbands to cross the finish line in a 50 mile run!

#9 ~ Yellow dashed lines in the middle of the road mean two way trafficNOT drive on whatever side you want while looking at Army men on the side of the road!  If there are no yellow dashed lines in the middle of the can pretty much drive where ever you want....NOT!!!!!

#10 ~ Garmin GPS driving instructions are NOT always right!  Sometimes you may end up on a very obscure mountain road covered with snow AND mud!

#11 ~ Honda Accords DO NOT like very obscure mountain roads covered with snow and mud!  They WILL tend to slide in VERY SCARY ways to make you THINK you’re headed for the edge of the road and down the very high mountain!

#12 ~ Prayer really DOES work!  Especially when travelling on very obscure mountain roads covered with snow and mud with NO cellular service!!!!

#13 ~ Driving back down very obscure mountain roads covered with snow and mud can cause A LOT of stress on a person’s neck and back muscles.advil works wondersif advil is not available try the next best thing.SCREAM!

#14 ~ It's always good to have a "quote" ready to use in case you forget your manners and "scream" will bring you back into focus!  Here's one a friend shared from Corie Ten Boon...
"Every experience God gives us, every person He brings into our live, is the perfect preparation for the future that only He can see"  

So glad to be and sound...and looking for all the wonders that are ahead!

Happy Traveling!


  1. LOVED your post! You made my day! Me encanto! Through all your traveils you are now a better person. The things we do for love!!!! Cuidate mucho! Se te quiere se gratis, pues eres muy especial! Un beso!

    Saludos y cariños desde Puerto Rico


  2. Thank you for taking us on vacation with you. I hope the trip home is/was better than the trip there.

  3. What a thoughtful quote! I had to copy that one.
    Now, the next time someone is really getting on my nerves...reading that quote is going to help me!

  4. "Every experience God gives us, every person He brings into our live, is the perfect preparation for the future that only He can see" Where did you get that quote from? It is great sometimes hard to think about but o so true.




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