Sunday, June 5, 2011

Math Workstations Ch. 3


Debbie gives some great suggestions for getting Math Stations going at the beginning of the year.  I was reading over (page 50) about making sure kids know.... "How to Take Turns"

I've been to several Donna Whyte (from the smartie zone)workshops and her idea of making one day a "big" day and the other day a "little" day has always been a winner for me!

I number my kids (they use the numbers on their paper, get in line, etc...) so when you're with a look at the calendar board and see what "day" it is...if Big is showing, then the partner with the biggest number for a class number is the partner that starts.  If you end up playing more than one game...the other partner gets to go first....manners please!  If you look at the calendar and "little" is showing, then the littlest number for the partners would go first.

Changing the day from Big to Little and vice versa is a BIG TADO during calendar time!

I usually just make a quick card with the kids and list all the different ways to say big on the car and flip it over and do the same with Little...bring in the synonym concept early on...but I made some cards you can download, print and glue back to back before you laminate.  I use the magnetic clip to hold the sign on my board, but I guess you could put it in a pocket chart...just thought I'd share.

If you'd like a copy of the "new and improved" WHAT DAY IS IT cards....
Download a copy here.    or   Here


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  1. Like the idea of big and little to decide who goes first. Makes it easier than the students fighting.

  2. Love your idea! I have a question for you...when I clicked on your first link "Download a copy here" a box popped up saying it could not be found, but the other link worked. I have had a similar problem on other blogs and I am wondering why. Any idea? TIA

  3. I'm not sure why the first one does that. It's a direct download, but others have had issues with the direct downloads I added the googledoc link too.

  4. Cute idea! Thanks for the cards.

  5. What a great idea! I finally numbered my kids half way through the year for a behavior thing and now this would work for that too!
    Thanks for the great ideas!

  6. I've never heard of this idea. I think I'll use it. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I LOVE it!!!! - no more bickering

  8. it's fine web page and creation so good ......

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  10. Hi Barb,
    The follow me button is below the blog list and right above the "about me" button. If you follow by email, it sends you an email each time a new post is posted...I too enjoy the google reader.
    Hope this helps,

  11. Great idea! This will make my life easier! Thanks for sharing!
    Kindergarten Teacher