Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Place Value Song

I love Teacher Tipster!  Here's a great video he did about his place value song!
Not sure if I could pull off the hat and glasses, but love the song and the hands-on idea for forming the numbers!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sign Language Pencil Toppers

Dollar Spot at Target Alert!
  My whopping 10 pound Shih Tzu guard dog found these hand signal pencil toppers to be very interesting!  And Martha Carol Carpenter had a great idea for using them during small group reading time!

  Take a cute bag of colorful pencils...also at the Dollar Spot...where else would they be??

Add some wonderful Alieen's Quick Dry Tacky Glue....

       Plop the hand signals on the opposite end of the eraser and voila!

A great pointer for reading those words with your finger on the word!

Thanks for sharing a great idea Martha!

Beat the Timer!

Beat the Timer 
an easy game to create for any age level to help them put numbers in order from least to greatest...greatest to least...counting by ones, twos, fives, tens....

Don't have any timers...they're in almost every teacher supply store both online and at locations...

If you live near me...you're probably familiar with Knowledge Tree... 
 set of 10 one minute timers for $7.99...

If you're an online shopper, you may like Really Good Stuff...
they have 3 one minute timers for $5.99

and EAI Education has a variety of differing types of timers...

Enjoy your day!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Lacing Beads

Check Out these great lacing beads from the dollar spot at Target!

My plan is to change out the string for thicker shoe laces or pipe cleaners...

The kids and  I will create an "I Can chart" similar to this one to show all the different things they can do at the Lacing Beads station.  The chart will start of with one or two things and build to more as we introduce more skills throughout the quarter...

Here's are some of the ideas for task cards that will eventually be at the station with the lacing beads...

I tried to make each set of cards deal with one number for the addition sentences...


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Traveling Tips, Tidbits, & Trivia

Traveling Tips, Tidbits, & Trivia
whoas and whatnots from our travels this summer

#1 ~ No matter HOW much Dramamine you take before flying.if you take a shot of Neupogen the day before.you’re GONNA get sick on the plane!!!  Not necessarily five times like me!  But....Yuck anyways!

#2 ~ ALWAYS look for the barf bag in the airplane seat pocket BEFORE the airplane starts flying!  Flight attendants are MORE than happy to get one (or two or four or five) for you to have on hand!

#3 ~ Turbulant winds DO affect the way liquids travel from high up to low down!  Be sure to adjust accordingly!

#4 ~ Driving 60 miles really IS worth it to get a cup of coffee from the ORIGINAL Starbucks store location in Pike’s Market!

#5 ~ Paying $14.50 to park for 2 hours and then getting lost trying to find the Original Starbucks location may cause you to “ponder” the validity of your original opinion about setting out to find this location in a strange and VERY populated city BY YOURSELF!

#6~ Sometimes 50 mile runs take longer than a runner may originally think!  Be prepared with lawn chairs, towels, snacks, iPad (with 3g of course), and sunscreen!

#7 ~ ALWAYS have a picture of the runner you’re waiting for at the finish in case the announcer says your runner crossed the finish line and you need to prove that the person they announced was NOT your runner!  and to kindly please still look for them on the course.

#8 ~ Advil is an appropriate medicinal helper for stressful wives waiting for 45 minute overdue running husbands to cross the finish line in a 50 mile run!

#9 ~ Yellow dashed lines in the middle of the road mean two way trafficNOT drive on whatever side you want while looking at Army men on the side of the road!  If there are no yellow dashed lines in the middle of the road...you can pretty much drive where ever you want....NOT!!!!!

#10 ~ Garmin GPS driving instructions are NOT always right!  Sometimes you may end up on a very obscure mountain road covered with snow AND mud!

#11 ~ Honda Accords DO NOT like very obscure mountain roads covered with snow and mud!  They WILL tend to slide in VERY SCARY ways to make you THINK you’re headed for the edge of the road and down the very high mountain!

#12 ~ Prayer really DOES work!  Especially when travelling on very obscure mountain roads covered with snow and mud with NO cellular service!!!!

#13 ~ Driving back down very obscure mountain roads covered with snow and mud can cause A LOT of stress on a person’s neck and back muscles.advil works wondersif advil is not available try the next best thing.SCREAM!

#14 ~ It's always good to have a "quote" ready to use in case you forget your manners and "scream"....it will bring you back into focus!  Here's one a friend shared from Corie Ten Boon...
"Every experience God gives us, every person He brings into our live, is the perfect preparation for the future that only He can see"  

So glad to be home....safe and sound...and looking for all the wonders that are ahead!

Happy Traveling!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

500 Celebration with Rhyme Time Listening Centers!

Did you know that Dr. Jean has a blog?  Where have I been?

I'm a huge fan of hers and love using her cheer in the class as well as tons
 of her wonderful songs!

After attending one of her awesome workshops where she talked about the correlation between rhyming and reading, I came up with my own version of a Rhyme Time Listening Center...I use this at the beginning of the year.  It's kind of neat to see how the kids work towards memorization and learning these "new" rhymes...
which are really the ones I grew up listening to.... :)

To celebrate 500 wonderful followers...
...and say a BIG thank you for taking time to 
hop over to the swamp....
I'm posting the Rhyme Time Listening Center for you to download....


Monday, June 13, 2011

Poison Dart Frog Game

Here's a game I adapted from listening to "The Two Sisters" about using games to practice strategic thinking in math.  

I found the cute little pink box and frog stickers at the Target Dollar Spot...added the title of the game to the front of the box with some frogs...of course.

added the simple directions to the inside of the box top.....

and stopped at the local Dollar Tree for a couple bags of plastic frogs...

Ready....set....go!  Even my 16 year old likes to play this one :)


Here's a download of the directions and some frog clipart you can use if you like :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Math Stations Ch. 3 Part 3


Still trying to wrap my head around how to plan out for the different lessons...I think one of these formats will come in handy.
If you're in SCS in TN, I've added the Power Standards (even though they're still in developmental stage)....I've also added the Common Core Standards to help in planning.  Seems like if I have the documents ready and easy to find, I'm less frustrated.  With the two forms already on the planning document, I hope it will make it easier to copy and paste to the lessons...

You can download the different formats here:   Format 1          Format 2

On Page 58....I was also reading about where to have the kids put their work...I use a box system...we call it the "Purple Box"...because it's purple...each box is labeled with a number and the kids know to put completed work in their purple box...that way when I collect the papers, they're in numerical (which is ultimately alphabetical) order.  If a child's absent, I'm not looking all over for their papers...they're in the purple box and I can grade them quickly.

That being said...I don't know that I "loved" collecting the papers from the stations in the purple box...not everyone finished each station every day....so maybe Debbie's suggestion of a folder or a basket at the station would work...I'm still thinking on this one.

Also on page 58...I'm right there with Debbie when she says that not ALL stations need to have paper and pencil work to turn in...I love her idea for a community math journal...would take some time to get them to remember to sign in on the next page...but it's a thought... I used a community journal for my "Chunkey Monkey" station where they searched the room and chunked out words...so it can be done :)  Have to think some more on this one!
This cover for the community journal for the "Chunkey Monkey" Staiton is NOT mine...it was shared by Carol Stafford at a SCS Workshop about 3 years ago...She's an amazing SCS Teacher of the Year!
Download the cover from Carol  {HERE}

On 58-59 she goes into the misbehavior topic...this one was an eye opener for me...I was using the three strikes you're out school of though...but after hearing Debbie speak, I changed to the one strike you sit with me...WOW...what a difference!  Will definitely be doing this one again next year!...
Also liked the write how you would change your behavior concept too :)

WOW...this chapter is packed full...I'm off to digest some of the management board...more on that later!

Don't forget to check with Mrs. Parker's blog for all the other links to this chapter!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Math Workstation Ch. 3 Part 2


I started using the "I Can" charts after hearing Debbie speak at the beginning of 2011....I can't tell you the difference it made to have the KIDS come up with what they could do at the stations!  They had great ideas and some would even offer to draw the picture for the chart.  I just had them do it on computer paper then, but I think I'll try using one of the pages above this year.  I think if I number the charts, they'll go better with the stations that the I Can chart goes with...but then again...maybe that's just my OCD coming out :)

Download the pdf files for the plan chart  {HERE}

Download the pdf files for the frog chart  {HERE}

I also used Debbie's idea for Math Talk cards and Loved it...
I didn't do a great job of having the kids come up with the vocabulary, but that's 
in the plans for this year.

I used an index card and drew a speech bubble, but thought these cute bubbles
might work too...I plan to have them run off on cardstock...maybe even different colors???
Then when it's time to make up some Math Talk cards...we can just pull one out and start 
writing what should be said.  I made them in different sizes cause I think some
concepts have more words than others.

Download a copy of the pdf file  {HERE}

Problem Solving Board....

I've been collecting frogs for a long time....and one year a family gave me a frog shaped bulletin board....never knew what to do with the thing until now!

On page 50, Debbie talks about "How to solve a problem"...one of the things is to let the kids have the ability to write a note about what the problem is/was....SOOOOO..... I think I'll have some scrap paper and a pen or pencil sitting next to the frog bulletin board...the kids can write out their woes and tack it to the Frog Board...I'll have to come up with a catchy phrase...(anyone have something cool to suggest?)...I used to have a fish shaped cup and it said tell it to Barney Bass...  maybe Fonzy the Frog says...Ehhh...What's Up?....hmmm... must be late...

I also use another one of Donna Whyte's suggestions at my small group table...it's a stop light with a clothes pin to tell the kids where I am and if I can be disturbed.  You can find it on her sight under "Work Smarter, Not Harder"....signals.

The idea is that the kids look to see where my clothespin is before interrupting me or approaching the desk....green..you're good to go....yellow...find my yellow feet on the floor and stand there until I can get to your question....red...do not disturb :)

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Math Workstations Ch. 3


Debbie gives some great suggestions for getting Math Stations going at the beginning of the year.  I was reading over (page 50) about making sure kids know.... "How to Take Turns"

I've been to several Donna Whyte (from the smartie zone)workshops and her idea of making one day a "big" day and the other day a "little" day has always been a winner for me!

I number my kids (they use the numbers on their paper, get in line, etc...) so when you're with a partner...you look at the calendar board and see what "day" it is...if Big is showing, then the partner with the biggest number for a class number is the partner that starts.  If you end up playing more than one game...the other partner gets to go first....manners please!  If you look at the calendar and "little" is showing, then the littlest number for the partners would go first.

Changing the day from Big to Little and vice versa is a BIG TADO during calendar time!

I usually just make a quick card with the kids and list all the different ways to say big on the car and flip it over and do the same with Little...bring in the synonym concept early on...but I made some cards you can download, print and glue back to back before you laminate.  I use the magnetic clip to hold the sign on my board, but I guess you could put it in a pocket chart...just thought I'd share.

If you'd like a copy of the "new and improved" WHAT DAY IS IT cards....
Download a copy here.    or   Here


Be sure to check out the other links... with "Learning with Mrs. Parker"....