Monday, May 23, 2011

Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire

Here's one of the summer reads I've got lined up...."Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire" by Rafe Esquith.

Anyone read it already?  Have suggestions or are planning on reading something different?
Leave a comment!!  I'd love to know what's out there!

Enjoy the day!


  1. I read it... it's a good read, but I don't think it inspired me that much. I just don't work with low income students so it was hard for me to relate.

  2. I thought his passion for teaching was inspirational. He is an upper grade teacher, but I have adapted some of his ideas for first and second grades. I especially like the math puzzles he uses in his class. They are available in addition/subtraction.
    My only concern with the book was that this man seems to value his classroom more than his family.

  3. I read it and thought it was a good book to read. However, I have no idea how he gives sooooo much of his time to his class (and his money). I feel like I work a ton right now. I also don't see how he followed curriculum plus do all this other stuff and get low SES students on grade level. He must be amazing in action. I'd love to have that kind of energy and teaching awesomeness!

  4. I read this book last spring and I thought it was very inspirational! But, like everyone else said, I took it with a grain of salt and tried not to think of how guilty I feel for not dedicating myself as much as he does! It was really good though - I definitely recommend it!

    Magnificent Multiagers!

  5. I loved this book and loved his energy. He does work with older kids. I believe he is passionate about what he does and he does not focus on the negatives but instead focuses on what he CAN do for his class and then does it because of his love. I found the book inspirational.