Friday, May 13, 2011

Frog Snap

We're starting Ben Franklin's Kite next week and I found this on our server as we were transferring's a game I adapted from "Kelly's Kindergarten" can find the directions by looking at Crocodile Snap...

I like to pass out the frogs to each child in the group and then as I call out the fly words, they can snap them up and feed their frogs by putting the fly words on top of the frog cards.  When someone has fed all their frogs...the game ends and they must read all their cards to win :)

I'm so glad to see blogger back on track and working well!  Had a rough time with some severe "withdraw" symptoms...but it helped to be super busy with "Field Day" and another training with the state on Common Core Standards...

Anyone heard of or using "Batelle for Kids"?  Great resources for formative assessment and ideas to "Break Down" the Common Core Standards and write clear learning targets using "I Can..." statements.

Hope all are having a wonderful day!

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