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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mystery Math QR Code Scanning

About a week ago, we purchased an outdoor shed to hold our bikes and lawnmower.  There was this cool code on the box called a QR code.  Using the RedLaser iPhone app, I scanned the code with my iPhone and it took me to the cutest little movie on how easy the building was to set up and the different uses we could do with it….I’m thinking…how cool is that!!!

I read a post on one of the technology blog sites for the upper grades that had converted questions to QR codes so the kids could scan them and answer the questions on their papers….I’m thinking…how cool is that!!!  But…I couldn’t figure out how to write the code:(  
(I just pretend to know technological things…most of the time I’m pretty baffled!)

UNTIL….I stumbled across a blog called “Cool Cat Teacher Blog” and there was this widget with QR code…whoo hoo…... Talk about simple pimple!!!!!

I used it to creat the Mystery Math QR Code Scan sheet for a test drive (also had to confiscated my son’s iPod Touch with a camera)  so the kids will scan the code…write the math problem on their paper and solve the number sentence…I’m so excited to see how they do….


  1. I love this! Major props :o)

  2. Great idea! I first came across a QR code in a magazine a few months ago and found if I scanned it, I could watch a trailer for a movie the magazine was advertising.Cool!I never thought about using it in my classroom. I would love to use your Mystery Math code sheet but my computer will not open Google docs.. says it is unavailable or cannot be found.I have never had this problem before. Any ideas why?

    Leslie V.

  3. Hi Leslie,
    We had a great time using it this week...of course I only have one iPod that will scan, but we took the week to complete and it came out very positive!
    Please email me your addy and I'll send the doc to your email.

  4. OMG-this is awesome! Darn it- I have to go to school and now all I want to do is learn more about this!!!!

  5. After reading this post I immediately googled QR codes to find free websites that let you make your own codes! I created worksheets that let my students scan a barcode and write down the given letters. Then they have to unscramble the letters into a sight word. I'm already thinking about how I could print them on stickers and put them on my leveled reading books so that kids could scan them and it would take them to a YouTube video of the book being read to them or something. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Stephanie...what a cool idea!
    Thanks for sharing....would love to hear if you work it all out!

  7. Thank you for sharing your math sheet. I teach QR codes to staff in our school district and am always looking for ways to use the codes with our students. They're addicting!!

  8. I just got 2 ipod touches to use in my classroom. One was from the PTA and the other was one that I won at a conference. I'm exploring things to do with them and I never even thought of these codes. Thanks for giving me some inspiration.
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten



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