Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mystery Frog Number Sentences

I was reading a post over at "The Polka Dot Patch" and saw some interesting ideas about dots and bugs and math sentences.... 

The Polka Dot Patch

So.... I rearranged the idea and made some Frog Mystery Number Sentences for my kiddos to use this week.  Not being a very intelligent person today...instead of running the frogs on cardstock that is colored, I ran them on white and used watercolors to paint the frogs...two per color...


Then I added the dots to each set to make a math fact family for the kids to create on their papers...I'll have my wonderful aide laminate and cut out tomorrow so that the center will be ready to go by Tuesday.  The idea is to color the frog on your worksheet the same color as the frogs you are looking at and record a number sentence.  I'll have mine use colored crayons and a foldable to write the numbers into a math fact family...should be interesting!


PS....still walking....35:00 and almost a mile...had to stop and pull dinner out of the oven for a minute...
I'm "rolling on the treadmill" :)


  1. I would have broken something- a bone, computer... if I had tried to walk on a treadmill and work on the computer at the same time!

    Love the frog math idea! Now I just need to print and laminate all these awesome activities I am finding. Wonder if my administration would be willing to buy more 4 drawer filing cabinets? One drawer for each Big Idea....

    Thank you!

  2. Of course I love the frogs! Do you mind if I tweak your idea just a bit for my kinder kids?