Monday, March 14, 2011

Three Digit Sandwiches

Math Picnic Directions for 
Number Sentences
To create this math tub, simply print out the math picnic cards. Laminate and cut apart. Add each sandwich set to a resealable sandwich baggie. Add a problem number to the baggie. (Want more sandwiches? Print two of each page and switch the ingredients around.)
To play: kids take a baggie. Write the bag’s number on their paper and then take out the pieces to create a sandwich. They write the problem on their paper and solve. Then put the pieces back into the baggie. When all the sandwiches are completed, they turn in their paper for a grade.
You can leave out one ingredient for 2 digit addition.

Math Picnic Directions for Card Game
To create this math tub card game print 2 of each of the math picnic cards.  Laminate and cut apart. 
To play: Deal 7 cards to begin. To lay down a “sandwich”, a student must have 2 pieces of bread, a piece of cheese, a tomato, and a piece of lettuce. The goal is to make as many sandwiches as you can. Winner is the person with the highest sandwich when all the parts are added together. Play like go fish…do you have a piece of lettuce…etc. until they can lay down a sandwich. If player doesn’t have the part asked for…they go to the draw pile. When the draw pile is gone, they loose their turn. Game ends when all the pieces have been used to create sandwiches. If you run out of cards, start adding up your sandwiches while you wait for the others to run out. When the last sandwich is created: everyone adds up their sandwiches. Winner is the sandwich that adds up to the highest amount.

The ideas for this Math Tub comes from the Mailbox Magazine June/July 09. Ada Goren suggested to cut out the pieces from construction paper and add to a sandwich bag. Kids take the pieces for the sandwich out of the bag, write a word problem and add together. I just put the numbers already on the pictures. The bread slices are a png of the ones from the magazine pages.

You can download this game and more ideas from the yahoo group:

or you can download the pages here:  



  1. Thanks for the game! My students will love this!
    Ms. A
    Oceans of First Grade Fun

  2. This looks like so much fun! Thanks!

  3. Adding this to my things to get ready over spring break! It's super cute! Thanks :-)