Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ten Things I've Learned From Teaching

Rowdy in First Grade is having a linky party to share the Ten Things Learned from Teaching....just thought I'd share some of my insights and "play along" :)

1.  ALWAYS (and I do mean ALWAYS) listen when a child says they don't feel good!!!!  Chances are you'll save a pair of shoes and cleaning up the floor at the same time!

2.  You can have 5 electric pencil sharpeners in your room at the same time and NONE of them will sharpen a pencil well!

3.  Pens and markers are an addiction.  You can NEVER have too many!

4.  You can NEVER have too many books!

5.  Creating games is exciting, but watching the kids play them is over the top FUN!

6.  Great teachers are not born, they are created by the teachers next door!!!!

7.  Volunteers are totally wonderful and awesome parents that help make the year special!

8.  Kids love to sing and respond to most any tune!

9.  Blogging and Sharing with others makes you a better teacher all the way around!

10.  Coffee is my best friend in the morning!

enjoy the party,


  1. #9 and #10 are my faves! I am so addicted to blogging! And coffee might as well be oxygen. Don't know how I would live without it!

  2. I love what you said in #6. There are two special teachers that I have worked with that I learned so much from!