Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spin to Read and Write

Mrs. Morrow's Kindergardeners blog had a really neat post about using popcorn words and all the activities they did with the words.  I've never heard of the Spin a Top game and thought it would be a great idea for my HFWs.
So I created the template above with the words from our last two stories to make sure that we were practicing new and old HFWs.  Then taped it into a Dollar Tree baking pan to use with the spinner.

Then I created a worksheet to go with the spinning top center...The idea is the kids will spin the top on the board and record the word it lands on.  One word is written for each row and as soon as a word is written in all the columns for that row....the paper is turned over and two sentences are written with the word used a statement and one a question...

We used to do read, roll, and graph....but the kids are just starting to write all their words and not really using the center the correct way.  I thought maybe the novelty of the spinner might make this center more intriguing.  Let me know what you think...not my idea...just borrowing and tweaking from another blog! Be sure to check out Mrs. Morrow's's got a lot of great ideas for popcorn words!



  1. Love it! I may make one for my first graders with fry phrases or decodable words to match our phonics next week. Thanks for sharing!
    F is For First Grade

  2. Perfect! Having two boys I must have a spinning top around here somewhere! Once again I wish we used the same reading series so I didn't have to retype your terrific shares.