Saturday, March 19, 2011

Roly Poly Egg Post Number Two

Shopping with a teacher friend can be VERY detrimental to my budget! But being that she's soooo creative and wonderful...I shop anyway with gratitude toward her sparks of ingenuity!
So...we're going through Target (pronounced with the french flair and a long a sound on the end to make it oh so much more cooler!)...and she spies this cute little egg

I went home and added some painted numbers and now I think the eggs from the first
can be cracked and dropped into the egg cups to help keep the numbers straight and be way more fun to complete the worksheet!

Love shopping on a Saturday afternoon with creative people!!!

Amanda created this cool worksheet to go with this math tub...She gave me permission to share with you the worksheet from Amanda here.



  1. That is so cute, your kids are gonna love that!

  2. I want one. . . too bad I am 4 hours from the closest Target. I hate being COUNTRY sometimes. . .most of the time not.