Saturday, March 19, 2011

Roly Poly Egg Numbers

My mom found this adorable book at a Sam's Club in Ohio...she's working on an egg craft to go along with a writing project we'll do with the book before Easter...I'll blog about that when we get it all put together....but I thought I'd share some "Roly Poly" egg ideas for your math tubs...


I found these adorable little plastic eggs for 40% off at Hobby Lobby and used paint to make dot patterns from 0 to 6.  The cup basket was 67 cents at Hobby Lobby and made the perfect holder for the small eggs.  The idea of this math tub is to pull out 3 eggs and record them on the Roly Poly Egg sheet.  Then add the three numbers together.  Kids can use the dots on the eggs to help with the adding if they need...

Another great 40% off buy at Hobby Lobby was a bag of small break apart plastic eggs.  I painted numbers from 1 to 12 on the tops of the eggs and then added some stones (from the Dollar Tree) that I painted numbers on the inside.  


I took a black permanent marker and added the numbers to the bottom of an empty egg carton.

Then added the eggs to the egg carton.

The idea is to take one egg...crack it open...record the numbers on the inside and solve the problem...whether you want them to add or subtract.  Then put the numbers back inside the egg and the egg back in the carton before moving onto the next number of egg.
I didn't do a worksheet with this.  I think I'll just have them fold a sheet of paper into 12 boxes and record their sentences in the boxes.  

Hope you find something useful!


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  2. This is absolutely ADOREABLE! Thanks for sharing it. I love that little bird on the cover...I can see the kiddos being able to make one of their very own :)...guess I'm buying eggs and baskets!

    I tried to grab your button but when I put it on my page it doesn't link back to your page
    ...and with all the awesome ideas that you have, I really want to share it on my blog :)
    Curls and a Smile

  3. Bummer...wonder if anyone else is having issues with the button thingy...I'll see if I can fix the code..if anyone has any ideas, please let me know :)

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  6. I made Word Family Eggs a few years ago. You can view them on the "Fact Families" or "ELA Centers" labels on my blog. I used permanent marker on the eggs and it is starting to rub off. =( Does paint work better? I would love to know what helps reduce or eliminate wear on the eggs.

    Thanks for taking the time to share! =)
    First Grade School Box

  7. Mrs. Berg...I used to use the permanent markers but the words and numbers were being rubbed off by my darlings...I've had good luck with the paint so far. I'm just using the fabric paint that I have at the house right acrylics as they're not in the easy to use good :)

  8. This is great, I'll have to pass it along to the teachers I work with.

    Ms. M

  9. Wow! We continue to be amazed at how creative and enthusiastic you all are. Thank you for designing and posting this engaging activity based on our book The Roly Poly Egg.
    We have posted a link to your blog on our facebook page. Are you a fan yet?
    Happy Reading,
    Elizabeth Bennett
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