Sunday, March 20, 2011

Magical High Frequency Cards

Heidi Butkus of Heidi Songs Blog shared on her blog about a cool activity she has her kiddos do with magical words...She uses sight words and watercolor paint to have the words magically appear on a paper...who can resist (pun intended) doing a crayon resist?
I bumped it up a bit by using my High Frequency words and including a worksheet for the kids to complete after they finish their painting...


On a side creative shopping friend showed me these cool mats that are 2 for a dollar at the infamous Dollar Tree.  The kids will use these to paint on and hopefully keep the area semi clean.  My friend uses them as playdough mats and coloring mats for paints and markers.



  1. How cool. :) Great idea with the mats too.

    Ms. M

  2. I love this idea! Introducing tomorrow a part of word work!
    Delena @ Full of Fun in Grade One

  3. I love this idea!! So creative! Thanks :-)

  4. What kinder student wouldn't adore this activity? I think I would love it! I have to try this... so much fun

  5. The kids are going to love this activity! I can't wait to try it.

  6. I will definitely add this as a station option next week! AWESOME! Even my highest students will be challenged with the follow-up sheet. THANKS!

  7. Tried this yesterday and the LOVED IT! I pulled the whole "I am magic" thing and man, did my kids think I was the most amazing teacher EVER! ;)

  8. I really like this idea. I'm always on the hunt for creative ways to teach sight words. Thanks!



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