Monday, March 7, 2011


We created this chart to help us with the concept of homoPHONES today...then we used our trusty business sized envelopes to create some phones to store our homoPHONE words inside of...

The kids used regular index cards and folded them in half to add the words and pictures for the homophone pairs.

You can read more about creating the homophones at gazzette

You can download the homophone lesson from my webpage.  I also have some downloads for the story "Dear Deer" and "The King Who Reigned" posted on my webpages too.  We'll continue to add to our homoPHONES the rest of this week and use the words from our cards in the writing that we was fun to watch the kids texting in the words to their phones...even had a few that were pretending to talk into the phones as they were composing their pictures and sentences.



  1. You are amazing! I am filing this idea away. We just had our contraction operations and it was so concrete that all my students got the idea of what contractions are (They had been struggling!) Thanks for all that you do for teachers out there! You are making a difference in lives of children you will never meet! THANK YOU!


  2. Love that homoPHONE! Homophones are on the schedule for review this week, and I will definitely be using this idea. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm so glad some friends can use it too...I thought it up on the way home from a meeting in Nashville last spring and had great success with it then. The kids are eating it up this year! We keep finding more and more to add to our phones...they even come up with the ones they found today!