Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fun with the Leprechauns!

My mom has done it again!  Check out our new project she sent to put together with the kids this next week before we go on Spring Break!  His name is Ernie and he's a peek-a-book look over character.  

We'll use some books and a powerpoint I created to talk about leprechauns before we begin our writing project for this week.  I've created a "thinking map" to use with the writing project that has been very successful with helping the kids to write paragraphs with a "hook" at the beginning, 3 details in the middle, and a closer sentence to finish it up.

My niece has even come up with a great poem for the kids to read 
when they open the box from Mamaw in Ohio! 

They'll have to write their paragraphs first, but after they've got them put together just "write", they can create Ernie to hold them in the hall.  I've traced my mom's original Ernie to give you some patterns to go by if you'd like to recreate him for your students.  I think he's adorable and can't wait to see how they turn out!  Thanks again mom!!!

Please note that the graphics in the download are not mine.  
They come from various sites throughout the internet.



  1. I love this unit. There is one correction. In the leprechaun poem- the first line should read "wear green," not "were green." Thanks again for your great stuff.

  2. Thanks Pam...I've corrected the word and reposted.
    Appreciate it!

  3. Thanks for sharing!! Love it! Tell your mom "thanks" too!!

  4. I love this!!! I will definitely use it this week!


  5. Heidi,

    This is great! Thank you so much for all you do and share!