Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mouse Shape Retelling Pieces

We're looking at different shapes as part of our adjective unit with our reading series and I love using this cute little book by Ellen Stoll Walsh!  I created some retelling pieces so the kids can read the book during station time and then use the magnetic white board to retell the book with the pieces.  I printed the pieces on cardstock, laminated, and added magnetic tape to the back of the pieces.  Something about manipulating these cute little characters as you retell the story in sequence is just so much fun!

Download the pieces to print and use for your class HERE


Monday, March 28, 2011

Spin the Spinner to Read and Write for Unit 5 Reading Street


This was a huge center success today!  So I went ahead and created some of the templates for the rest of the High Frequency Words for Unit Five in the Scott Foresman Reading Street Program.

If you are looking for the clear spinners...
you can find them listed in the EAI catalog under overhead spinners.  There's a set of 5 for $3.75.  But you could probably find them in your local school supply store or even in a math resource box in one of your book supply storage areas in your school....that's where mine came from :)

Download Unit 5 story 6 Here

Want to create your own spinner with your own words?  I used Microsoft Power Point to create the spinner and the words are in text boxes.  The font I used is it may show up weird...but give it a whirl if you like... 
Here's the download link from my account.

Hopefully the links come out google docs being weird for anyone else?


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spinner to Read and Write

Here's a new version of the spin, read, and write word working center I'm going to try this week.  We tried the tops last week and they loved the tops and spinning them, however, they only spun on the words they put the tops I wanted more word play.  
I'll print these on cardstock and laminate....I have a plastic see thru spinner that they can put on top of the words and spin away.

The plan is to use a recording sheet and record the words they spin.  The first word to win is the one they write on the back of the paper with two sentences.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ten Things I've Learned From Teaching

Rowdy in First Grade is having a linky party to share the Ten Things Learned from Teaching....just thought I'd share some of my insights and "play along" :)

1.  ALWAYS (and I do mean ALWAYS) listen when a child says they don't feel good!!!!  Chances are you'll save a pair of shoes and cleaning up the floor at the same time!

2.  You can have 5 electric pencil sharpeners in your room at the same time and NONE of them will sharpen a pencil well!

3.  Pens and markers are an addiction.  You can NEVER have too many!

4.  You can NEVER have too many books!

5.  Creating games is exciting, but watching the kids play them is over the top FUN!

6.  Great teachers are not born, they are created by the teachers next door!!!!

7.  Volunteers are totally wonderful and awesome parents that help make the year special!

8.  Kids love to sing and respond to most any tune!

9.  Blogging and Sharing with others makes you a better teacher all the way around!

10.  Coffee is my best friend in the morning!

enjoy the party,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Little Sister Hugged An Ape

I'm guest blogging for Gladys at "Once Upon a Time in First Grade"....hop over and check out my post on this fabulous book!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Magical High Frequency Cards

Heidi Butkus of Heidi Songs Blog shared on her blog about a cool activity she has her kiddos do with magical words...She uses sight words and watercolor paint to have the words magically appear on a paper...who can resist (pun intended) doing a crayon resist?
I bumped it up a bit by using my High Frequency words and including a worksheet for the kids to complete after they finish their painting...


On a side creative shopping friend showed me these cool mats that are 2 for a dollar at the infamous Dollar Tree.  The kids will use these to paint on and hopefully keep the area semi clean.  My friend uses them as playdough mats and coloring mats for paints and markers.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Roly Poly Egg Post Number Two

Shopping with a teacher friend can be VERY detrimental to my budget! But being that she's soooo creative and wonderful...I shop anyway with gratitude toward her sparks of ingenuity!
So...we're going through Target (pronounced with the french flair and a long a sound on the end to make it oh so much more cooler!)...and she spies this cute little egg

I went home and added some painted numbers and now I think the eggs from the first
can be cracked and dropped into the egg cups to help keep the numbers straight and be way more fun to complete the worksheet!

Love shopping on a Saturday afternoon with creative people!!!

Amanda created this cool worksheet to go with this math tub...She gave me permission to share with you the worksheet from Amanda here.


Spin to Read and Write

Mrs. Morrow's Kindergardeners blog had a really neat post about using popcorn words and all the activities they did with the words.  I've never heard of the Spin a Top game and thought it would be a great idea for my HFWs.
So I created the template above with the words from our last two stories to make sure that we were practicing new and old HFWs.  Then taped it into a Dollar Tree baking pan to use with the spinner.

Then I created a worksheet to go with the spinning top center...The idea is the kids will spin the top on the board and record the word it lands on.  One word is written for each row and as soon as a word is written in all the columns for that row....the paper is turned over and two sentences are written with the word used a statement and one a question...

We used to do read, roll, and graph....but the kids are just starting to write all their words and not really using the center the correct way.  I thought maybe the novelty of the spinner might make this center more intriguing.  Let me know what you think...not my idea...just borrowing and tweaking from another blog! Be sure to check out Mrs. Morrow's's got a lot of great ideas for popcorn words!


Roly Poly Egg Numbers

My mom found this adorable book at a Sam's Club in Ohio...she's working on an egg craft to go along with a writing project we'll do with the book before Easter...I'll blog about that when we get it all put together....but I thought I'd share some "Roly Poly" egg ideas for your math tubs...


I found these adorable little plastic eggs for 40% off at Hobby Lobby and used paint to make dot patterns from 0 to 6.  The cup basket was 67 cents at Hobby Lobby and made the perfect holder for the small eggs.  The idea of this math tub is to pull out 3 eggs and record them on the Roly Poly Egg sheet.  Then add the three numbers together.  Kids can use the dots on the eggs to help with the adding if they need...

Another great 40% off buy at Hobby Lobby was a bag of small break apart plastic eggs.  I painted numbers from 1 to 12 on the tops of the eggs and then added some stones (from the Dollar Tree) that I painted numbers on the inside.  


I took a black permanent marker and added the numbers to the bottom of an empty egg carton.

Then added the eggs to the egg carton.

The idea is to take one egg...crack it open...record the numbers on the inside and solve the problem...whether you want them to add or subtract.  Then put the numbers back inside the egg and the egg back in the carton before moving onto the next number of egg.
I didn't do a worksheet with this.  I think I'll just have them fold a sheet of paper into 12 boxes and record their sentences in the boxes.  

Hope you find something useful!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Compound Word Winner!

We have a winner for the Compound Word Powerpoint....

Please email me to get the code for the "Once There Was a Bullfrog" powerpoint download!

Connect Four Card for Time to Quarter Hour

Thanks to Andrea Cotner for creating some connect four cards for the quarter hour.

Download cards here.

Download stickers here.

Check out this cool website Andrea found to help her do the!



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cootie Code Board

I designed this dice code board to be used with doubles and the game Cootie.

The idea is that the kids will roll a die and double the number.  Then check the code board to see what piece they get to choose.  If they already have the piece, they loose their turn.  You could have them record their double number sentence on a sheet or even have them graph how many times they roll the double numbers.

Download the die Code Board Here...

Don't forget to enter the give away for the Powerpoint for "Once There Was A Bullfrog"


Compound Word Activities and a Give-A-Way!

We'll start working with compound words next week and I wanted to share this cute book I was introduced to this summer for compound words!  The pictures and the words in the story are a fabulous way to help the kids see how the two words can create a new and different word when 
they're put together...

I thought I'd celebrate having 300 followers 
(I'm honored you like the things I'm sharing enough to come back and check on me!)

So I've created a Power Point to go with the book "Once There Was a Bullfrog".  It has the pictures of the book enlarged so you can use them with your projector as you read the book to the class (you'll still need a copy of the book due to copyright issues).
  I'll give the download code to a lucky winner tomorrow (March 17th) after noon...

Luck of the Irish to you!

For a chance to get the download code, choose one or both of the ways below:
1.  Follow my blog and leave a comment that you are now a follower (or let me know if you're already a follower).
2.  Grab my blog button and add it to your blog...leave me a comment and a link to share your blog with others.

Until's some ideas for compound words ...

For the lessons and downloads that were shared at the ELA Standards workshop I taught this past summer visit my webpages for teacher resources.

First School Years has some neat games and ideas at their website.

Teacher's Mouse Pad has some cool things to share with compound activities and links.

Rick Walton (the author of "Once There Was a Bullfrog" has an activities idea page too.

Hope you have a great day!

With the winner chosen and enjoying her powerpoint, I hope  :0)   I've added the download code link for everyone to enjoy...

Here's the code from my account...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time Telling Games and Activities

Dollar Tree has Travel Games that look like "Connect Four" since we're starting our math unit on Time when we return from Spring Break, I thought I'd create some cards to go along with the connect four idea...

Use the Time Cards download to print off the cards on Cardstock colors of your choice.  The idea is that the player picks a card and identifies the time on the analog clock to the digital read out...then flips it over to find the correct answer and directions for what to do next...

Use the answer stickers download to add the answers on the back of each card.  These answers will not only tell the player whether they are correct, but also if they can add one, two or no chips to the connect four board.

I also made some Freeze Time Boards last year as well as some Black Out boards last year.  Hope you can use some of them.

Download the Freeze Time Board One Here

Download the Freeze Time Board Two Here

Download the Black Out Boards Here.


RAN Boards for Unit 4 HFW

I've put together the RAN boards for Unit 4 High Frequency Words.  I put three stories together to give the kids more words to work with...
I've also put together a fluency practice for the passages for the reading street Unit 4 passages.  I'm still working on the schematics, but the thought is to have them read with me first and take a WCPM and then send home to practice the passage through the week and then take another WCPM on Thursday or Friday to see if they have improved their WCPM...I'm thinking of going back a couple of stories since I want to do the "cold" read on Monday instead of on thoughts are that they've already had the skills and HFW from these stories and should be able to recognize them better than a story that we're just starting to work on...Hope this makes sense...


Monday, March 14, 2011

Candy Land Cards for Unit Four HFW

High Frequency Word Version of Candy Land 
for Unit Four Words 
with the Reading Street Program.

Print the cards off on cardstock.

 Add the Candyland Unit Four stickers to the back of each card.  Laminate and cut out. 

Use the candy land game board and general rules of play.  Students must read the sentence on the front of the card and give the answer to their partner.  Then turn the card over to see if they are correct.  If the answer is correct, they may move to the color on the board that matches the color on the jewel on the back of the card.

Update 5-5-19...
Resources for CandyLand have been added to my TpT store for Free.
You can access them through this LINK


Three Digit Sandwiches

Math Picnic Directions for 
Number Sentences
To create this math tub, simply print out the math picnic cards. Laminate and cut apart. Add each sandwich set to a resealable sandwich baggie. Add a problem number to the baggie. (Want more sandwiches? Print two of each page and switch the ingredients around.)
To play: kids take a baggie. Write the bag’s number on their paper and then take out the pieces to create a sandwich. They write the problem on their paper and solve. Then put the pieces back into the baggie. When all the sandwiches are completed, they turn in their paper for a grade.
You can leave out one ingredient for 2 digit addition.

Math Picnic Directions for Card Game
To create this math tub card game print 2 of each of the math picnic cards.  Laminate and cut apart. 
To play: Deal 7 cards to begin. To lay down a “sandwich”, a student must have 2 pieces of bread, a piece of cheese, a tomato, and a piece of lettuce. The goal is to make as many sandwiches as you can. Winner is the person with the highest sandwich when all the parts are added together. Play like go fish…do you have a piece of lettuce…etc. until they can lay down a sandwich. If player doesn’t have the part asked for…they go to the draw pile. When the draw pile is gone, they loose their turn. Game ends when all the pieces have been used to create sandwiches. If you run out of cards, start adding up your sandwiches while you wait for the others to run out. When the last sandwich is created: everyone adds up their sandwiches. Winner is the sandwich that adds up to the highest amount.

The ideas for this Math Tub comes from the Mailbox Magazine June/July 09. Ada Goren suggested to cut out the pieces from construction paper and add to a sandwich bag. Kids take the pieces for the sandwich out of the bag, write a word problem and add together. I just put the numbers already on the pictures. The bread slices are a png of the ones from the magazine pages.

You can download this game and more ideas from the yahoo group:

or you can download the pages here: