Friday, February 11, 2011

Snowmen Cuties

My mother has done it again!  She sent my students these cute snowmen 
to put together for the snow days.  

She used old socks to create the hats and material for the scarfs.

She covered empty toilet paper tubes with batting.

The sock hats go over the top of the tube to be the hat for the snowman.

She even put the eyes, nose, and mouth in baggies for each snowman.

We put the snowmen together on one of our days that we had an early dismissal.  Since we were working on descriptions, I challenged the kids to take their snowman home and put something special inside their tummies.  The kids brought back snowmen and their clues the next school day.  We tried to guess what they had placed inside their tummies.  What a ton of fun!
Thanks Mamaw!!


  1. I just went through your whole blog because I LOVE all your ideas! You're great!

  2. Thanks! I think she's pretty special myself! And I appreciate the compliments on the blog. I'm having a great time putting it together!