Sunday, February 6, 2011

High Frequency Word Review with Bingo

This week is our last story of Unit Three in the Reading Street Program.  I created this bingo game so my kiddos can review all the High Frequency Words (HFW) from the unit.  The idea is to cut and paste all HFW from the page onto your board in any way you want.  That way the kids are creating their own bingo boards while reviewing the words.  After the boards have been created, use the calling cards to call out HFWs...or I might even use clues like:  this is the word that mean...
The kids can use sweetheart candies to cover their words during the game...or other markers if you're so inclined...and when a bingo is created a simple prize can be passed a pencil eraser top or a valentine pencil or a sticker...or everyone gets to eat one sweetheart candy :)

Need a doc format to plug in your own words?  Download the doc format here.



  1. Heidi...
    I had to download the doc format to plug in my own words. I was able to change the calling cards but not the cut and paste words. Any suggestions? Deb

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Not sure what happened to the doc format...somehow it had two of the tables overlaying each other on the top. I've deleted and edited the doc program, so it should download a copy that's easier to manipulate.
    Sorry about that.
    The link should take you to the new format.
    If not, here's the share link:

    Thanks for letting me know :)