Thursday, February 10, 2011

Classroom Pet

   I found this adorable Lilkinz at Walmart for under 5 dollars!  He's going to become my classroom pet!  I had a friend's daughter set up an account for the class and start earning some money so they can keep "Bud" going.  With all the snow and cold weather, we've been having a LOT of inside I thought the kids could learn how to play some of the games and take care of "Bud" during recess.  Then on the weekend, one of the kids will have their number drawn and get to take Bud home in a special "Swamp Frog Pet" bag with his journal.  They'll get to play and work with him at home and then write about what they did with "Bud" in the journal before they bring him back on Monday!  I've done it in the past with my classes and they've loved it!  Bud will get to stay on a student's desk during the day too...

Download a sample of Bud's journal pages.



  1. Cute, cute, cute frog! Love the journal ideas, too.

    Shouldn't the first line be "my family and me"? We're practicing I vs. me in my class right now, so it's jumping out at me. :)

  2. Very cute idea! I've often thought about trying something similar but just never have got it going. When I was in third grade we had a real hamster as a class pet and we got to take him home on weekends! Small town, small school, different times. You couldn't use a real animal in today's times! Thanks for sharing this! :)

  3.'re right...totally blew past the grammar! Should be fixed now. Thanks for letting me know.

    I too had a was great...til it had babies! Ugh! Who knew!
    Of course there was the snake that got loose in the classroom too...but the best was the tarantula that molted and the kids thought we had two!

  4. Heidi, I do the same thing in my classroom and my kids love it! I have been doing it for two years now, the only thing I find as a problem is that the Webkinz only lives for a year. Do you know away to get around that? Love you frog and journal template.

  5. I haven't found a way around the year thing of my kids said you could pay to keep them going...but I'm not sure!

  6. I have a frog in my class his name is Fred Happy Stripes. The kids love taking him home on the weekends!!!