Saturday, February 5, 2011

All West TN Blue Band

Sorry for another off topic post, but just had to share how proud I am of my son!  
He auditioned and received scores to be the  sixth chair in the second highest senior honor band for the All West TN Honor Band this year.  Students audition from school across the West TN area to compete for chair placements in the either a junior band (7-9 grades) or a senior band.
The bands were wonderful!  Considering the kids only had from Thursday at 1:00 til Friday at 4:30 to practice their music together with their hosting directors, they worked very hard to perform to the best of their ability!  And it showed!
Congratulations to all who tried for a position and to all who made a chair placement!
Thanks to all the band 


  1. That is wonderful!! I know you are a proud mother.

  2. You should be proud! What an accomplishment!