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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Words from a Letter

I found a cool game on Mrs. Wheeler's Tidbits called Scattergories.  She took wooden cubes and added letters with a recording sheet so they could write all the words they knew that started with the letter they rolled. 
I used to love playing a type of Scattergories at baby showers!  So I thought it would be great addition to my word working station!

I made a different version of her recording sheet.  I'll cut it in half to save on paper.  I don't have any wooden cubes at the moment and Hobby Lobby is closed today, so I'll use the foam cubes I got from the Target Dollar Spot....much quieter :)
Download the smaller recording sheet here...

but be sure to visit Mrs. Wheeler's Tidbits!  You won't be sorry!



  1. Good idea on the half sheet of paper :)

  2. Love the half a sheet! Are you loving the Bamboo??? Love the signature!

  3. Thanks,
    Still getting used to the Bamboo...but enjoying what I'm working with so far.
    Thanks again for the heads up!



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