Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snowman Measuring Sticks

I have the MOST AWESOMEST TALENTED SELFLESS WONDERFUL Mother on the planet! (Well in my opinion of course!)   She sent snowmen measuring sticks for my class to create.....from OHIO!!!!  Love it!  She's also created them with several classes in her hometown.  
She gathered the paint sticks and painted them white and black for the hats.  Then she coated them with glitter paint to make them sparkle.  The hat is a part of a popsicle stick glued on.  Then she sent buttons (with sticky paper on the back already to go!), snowflakes, cut up ties, and wire to hang them with. 

Whoo Hoo!  We had a blast!
Of course, I had to manipulate some educational skills to go with the art project and I just happened to see the post on Mrs. Wheeler's Tidbits about measuring was really weird in a funky kind of good way!
We used a ruler on the back to measure out 5 inches (cause it's pretty rare that we get more the 5 around our area in TN) and added the numbers.  Now when the snow hits....(maybe tomorrow or Friday???)...the kids can take their snowman measuring sticks outside to measure just how much snow has actually fallen.

Thanks again, MOM!!!

Love you tons!!!!


  1. Glad you had fun and could work in the ruler thing- really cute! You did a good job.
    Mamaw from Ohio

  2. LOVE that idea! What a wonderful momma you have!