Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snack And Talk About

Mrs. Carroll hosts a fabulous blog called "The First Grade Parade" and she truly does "parade" a bunch of wonderful ideas for your viewing!
Her lastest post is about an idea she got at a workshop by Linda Holliman.  She posts about creating a "Brown Bag Book Club" and serving popcorn as the kids do a book talk about a book.


But needed to adjust to meet the standards for the curriculum for my I adapted the idea to be "Snack and Talk About:"  This week our major story is called "Jan's New Home" Unit 3 Story Three.
We always have whole group reading and discussion of the basal story reading on Wednesdays.  This week, we're focusing on "Theme".  So we'll read and discuss the story as a whole group and then go back to our seats to fill out the "Bag Form"...we'll record characters, setting, and then delve into the theme of the story! YIKES!

My thoughts right now are to attach the form to a brown bag and prepare the brown bag with some type of snack before Thursday or Friday...(chips, popcorn, a couple of cookies, etc).  Then at small groups on Thursday or Friday, we'll take the cards with discussion questions and snack and talk about the story.  I'll see how it goes....may need to do it during Thursday's tier II time...but I think it will be a great review for the story test the kids need to take on Fridays.

Thanks again to Mrs. Carroll at "The First Grade Parade" for sharing such great ideas!

Download the Questions and Bag Form for Unit 3 Story 3 "Jan's New Home".  Here



  1. OOOOHHHH, I am so doing this! I didn't know you were a SF girl too! What a way to beef it up on Fridays!!!!

  2. How fun!!


    Frog Love,

  3. I think it'll be fun...but will need to change according to story comprehension skills...wheels are thinking!

  4. LOVE this!!! Thanks for the sweet shout out :) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!!! I've downloaded tons of your stuff and I'm actually getting ready to blog about your fabulous Mitten activities!! Thank you for being so generous with your ideas & printables!! You ROCK!!! :)