Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Place Value Ideas


Place Value Bingo  (adapted from Basic Skills Math Practice Games)

Make copies of cards on cardstock and laminate. Cut out and divide
for each game 0-50 for game one and 51-100 for game two.
Mix up the cards and put them face down.
Each player (team) draws a card and puts a marker on the number
that matches the card’s place value.
If there is no answer that matches, player (team) loses their turn.
Play a wild card anywhere you would like.
Winner is the person (team) that has 4 markers in a row going
across, up and down, or side to side.



Nancy Bland (one of my most awesome team mates) created this game for Snowmen Place Value.    Each player needs a board.  Player one chooses a card and puts a marker (you could use chips or mini marshmallows) on the number that matches the card.  The player that fills their snowman first is the winner.

Shari Sloane has a wonderful website:  kidscount1234.com

One of her math tub ideas is for a place value domino game.  She even has a free download from her site.  She has many other tub ideas that she offers free downloads on her web pages.  I LOVE her glyph ideas too :)

I also like to use a deck of cards and play a place value game.  Linda Paulson explains it on her Number club really well.  I don't use three cards with my firsties unless I have some really high thinkers :0)

Mathwire.com has a great Base Ten "I Have Who Has" game available for download that I play with my kids.  It really gets them thinking.  I set a timer the first time we play the game to see how long it takes us to get through all the cards.  We record the date and the time it took us on a sheet of construction paper and then try to do the game faster the next time we play.  They love seeing how much faster they can get :)

Enjoy your day!


  1. Thank you! Thank you! My first graders are going to love place value with these fun games!

  2. Thank you kindly. This is my first year in first grade (18th year teaching). I found your generous gifts this winter break. I returned to school this week and my kids and I love the amazing lessons you have shared. You are a true teacher.

    North Carolina

  3. You are most welcome! I think my favorite of the bunch is the snowman...but I found mini dominoes at the Dollar Tree in Ohio while visiting over Fall Break (should have bought more than I did...but hind sight being what it is :) And I love using the little dominoes...can't go wrong for a dollar!
    Thanks again for all the kind comments!