Monday, January 10, 2011

High Frequency Word Cups

I like to spend the first 2-4 minutes of small reading group time having the kids do some kind of activity with the High Frequency Words...I thought I would modify the stacking activity from Teacher Tipster so that the kids would be building the HFW while building the tower.

Post the words you are using on the cups on a wall near the area that the kids will be creating the words in.  Kids work as a team or individuals to see if they can create words from the High Frequency Word Cups Chart using the cups they are given.  

Each word they create must be used with letters that are the same color.

After all the words have been created, students may stack their cups…largest number of letters on the bottom of the stack going up to the smallest number of letters.

First team to create their stack is the winner.  (If you want to have winners.)

I plan to store the cups in Pringles and Lays Stax containers.  I'll have 5 different containers with 4 words to be built in each container.  They can practice the words several days and not get the same stack every day :)

Download the HFW chart for unit 3 of the Scott Foresman Reading Street series.

After trying this activity with the SI (Strategic Intervention) Group today, I discovered that having the words divided on the chart into number of letters was much more helpful than just searching through a chart.  Here's a picture of the pocket chart I created with the kids as we were doing the activity.  It worked so much better for my little guys....but, made it too easy for the Advanced group...may have to cover the chart for them to make them think a little harder :)



  1. What a fun idea! Thank You! I am always looking for something different to use with the Reading Street series! I have ANOTHER snow day tomorrow so maybe I can get it ready to go!

  2. What a fun and great way to use lots of energy!


  3. I thought the Vocabulator was going to be the highlight of my week. Too Cool! Looking forward to building!! Thanks.

  4. too...thought I'd work on some more too :)
    I'm kind of mixing the unit 2 and unit 3 sight words to help practice them. I'll make another chart for the words tomorrow...I may end up making cards instead and putting them into abc order so it would be easier to find the words. Mind still working :)
    Have fun! Heidi

  5. Mrs. Saoud,
    I love Melissa Forney's book about Pizazz writing...and the vocabulators are fabulous! I use gatorade bottles with rice. I bought the plastic bean counters that are read on one side and white on the other. I write the words for the week on the beans and then the kids turn and burn to write the words on their papers. It can get a little noisy for some of my friends. But they love it! You can find the pdf for making the vocabulator here:

  6. I love love love this! I want to run out and get cups to put this together!!! Too bad I'm stuck inside because of snow. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  7. How do you know which words go together in a set?
    This is an awesome idea! Thanks!

  8. Good Question! I put all the words for a set together in a stack and color the side of the cups a certain color. I plan to store them in a shoebox, so I'll put the story title or unit number on a baggie and put the cups inside that go together. Then I can change out the cups and use the same cans each week. I won't do this activity for all units...just for some. I get bored doing the same one over and over...but they are loving this one! Even had a couple ask to play it during inside recess today :)