Friday, January 21, 2011

Froggy Makes a Ten

I adapted this game from another idea that was sent through a yahoo group...

Create as many ten fact number sentences as you can before you run out of numbers.  Put a marker on each of the two numbers you want to use to create your ten fact number sentence. You may use a frog and another number to create a ten fact.  Just make the frog whatever number you need to make your ten fact number sentence. Record your ten fact number sentence.  See who can make the most different ten fact number sentences.  
The game is over when you can no longer create a fact that equals ten.



  1. Thanks so much!

  2. I can't find the link to download it. I love everything you share, by the way!

  3. Well, I have searched too...I love this game, but can't find the download link ?????
    Tooo sweet

  4. Wellll....that would be because my brain froze and I forgot to attach the link. Should work now...sorry for the confusion :)

  5. Yup! It works!!! Thanks so VERY MUCH! You are so kind!
    My kiddos will love this!

  6. I just pinned a bunch of your math stuff. Thanks!