Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Frog and Toad "The Garden"

Two of my very favorite characters are Frog and Toad!  This week our Reading Street story is from "Frog and Toad Together"...we're reading "The Garden".

One of the story skills is words that have "AR".  My wonderful team mate, Nancy Bland, created the 4 in a Row board to help the kids practice words with "AR".  She used Adrian Bruce's website to design the boards.  Download her boards here.

Print as many copies as there are kids in the group.
Use a dice or cards to pick a number of the word to read.
When a child rolls or picks a number, everyone in the group reads the words in that
The child chooses the word to cover, spells the word, and creates a sentence using
the word correctly.

Break the code is a fun way for the kids to practice the words for the story of the week.

Another FABULOUS teacher in my district, Kathy Price, created this Science sheet to go with the story.  Thanks Kathy!

You can find the claymation movies of Frog and Toad on Youtube.  When "Kick Youtube" worked, I was able to download them to my desktop and share with the kids.  I've seen them available on amazon.com as well as ebay.
The Virtual Vine has some wonderful ideas for Frog and Toad too!



  1. Hi Heidi:

    I just came upon your blog and it is great. I am wondering if you have a blank "Break the Code" sheet that you can post. Thanks.

  2. I've tried to upload the word doc so you can manipulate the numbers and words, but that didn't work. So here's the share code to download the word doc for break the code from 4shared.com...hopefully this will work. Then you can manipulate the numbers and blocks for the words you would like on the page. Be sure to check out firstgradeteachersintn yahoo group files as all the break the code pages are available from the reading street series...


  3. Thanks so much for these games! I was looking for something just right to supplement our Frog and Toad story next week! Thanks again!