Sunday, January 30, 2011

Battleship for Word Practice?

A wonderful teacher in my county created "Battleship" for practicing sight words and sight word phrases.  Andrea Cotner has uploaded these to the firstgradeteachersintn yahoo group if you'd like to download them!  She has a set for Unit 1 sight words as well as for Unit 2 from the Reading Street Series.

I love I created a board for my frogs to use this week as we talk about the R-Controlled words from "I'm a Caterpillar" Unit 3 story 5.

Here's the directions:
Play like battleship.  Each student or team has a board that is hidden from the other team.  Boards should be like boards with words in the same place.  Place 5 flies on 5 different words on your board.  Teams or students take turns calling out words from the board.  If they call out a word with a fly on it, the opposing team must take the fly off the word.
Goal is to take all the flies from your opponents board before they get your flies.

To hide the boards, I have the kids use their “Offices”…which are nothing more than file folders glued together and laminated.

Download the battleship version of the r-controlled words here.

Download the frog fly trap version directions for the r-controlled words here.

Download the frog fly trap version of the r-controlled words here.



  1. ADORABLE! Thank you so much for sharing!
    My kiddos are going to LOVE this!


  2. I loved Battleship as a kid, and I know my kiddos will too! I also use Reading Street, and we are reading the story, I'm a Caterpillar this week, so I cannot wait to use this game!! Thank you so much!!