Monday, December 20, 2010

Target Addition

I found a baby blanket at the Dollar Tree and used fabric paints to create a target board.  One of my crafty parents sewed me some bean bags just right for this activity.  Students get two bags, throw them on the board and then record their number sentence.  You can vary the requirements:  add the two numbers, subtract the two numbers, or add a third bean bag and have them practice 3 digit addition number sentences.  You could even have them practice doubles by using only one bean bag and having them record the doubles number sentence for the number they land on the board.  I had my kids use their white boards to do the recording at first.  Then bumped it up later to having them write the number sentences on a sheet of notebook paper.  We took some time to deconstruct their work and see which number sentence was written the most...which sum was tossed the least...most...what was the highest answer...lowest...We had a lot of fun.  Some more than others, so we added the rule that if your bean bag went off the target, you lost your turn.  Three times off the board and you were out of the game.
Have fun!

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