Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reindeer Tree Maps Were a Huge Success!

We had a ton of fun learning about reindeer today by watching the nonfiction powerpoint on reindeer.
We wrote facts about the reindeer from the powerpoint in our spiral journals and then used these facts to fill in the Reindeer Tree Map (idea from the "First Grade Parade" blog).

Click here to download a copy of the Reindeer Tree Map labels I created to go with our page.  I patterned them off of the ones that Mrs. Carroll shared on her blog the "First Grade Parade".  If you haven't visited her pages, take a look...you'll be very glad you did!!!

I cut out all the pieces to create the reindeer in advance and then the kids used the "haircut" technique from KinderLit to create the circles and curves for the reindeer parts.

I had the kids create their papers the long way so that we could put the tree map below.  Then we talked about how to start a paragraph.  We all came up with the main idea sentence and then they went to work and created three supporting detail sentences using their tree map...it was fabulous to see how well the tree map worked for them!  Some of my most struggling writers were able to compose the sentences with
ease :)  We haven't worked on closing sentences of a paragraph yet, so most of our paragraphs only have a main idea and three supporting details so far...but it's looking good for future writing!



  1. Would love to see a picture of the final product!

  2. Sorry...should have thought of that when I posted. Here are a few of the finished products. They had a great time putting them together!