Monday, December 13, 2010

Making iPods for storing Doubles Flashcards

Today we learned The Doubles Rap.  This song was shared with me by a wonderful second grade teacher, VKinder.  We snapped away as we sang the song together several times through.  Then we headed to our desks to create flashcards for the doubles to take home and study for automaticity.  I got out the envelopes to have the kids store their cards inside, when the idea for an iPod popped into my head :)  I've tried to share how we made the iPod on the video above.  Hope it makes sense.  The kids absolutely loved the idea and came up with the request to put "skins" on their iPods.
Here's a download of the song:  The Doubles Rap
It's not my song creation!  Just me printing it up and using it with the kids.  I did make a smaller version of the song, so the kids could store it in their iPods along with their cards.  I also used the bigger version to create a song chart.
Enjoy your day!  I know I had fun with the kids today!!



  1. Does the rap have a familiar tune? Or am I just blonde? Which I really am, lol..ty again for sharing all of your great ideas!

  2. No particular tune...I just get a rhythm going and we start saying the words. This year, I have a little boy that likes to beat box...too funny!

  3. I really like the idea of making ipods to hold fact cards.


  4. I love this idea! I could put math flash cards or even reading ones in there! My wheels are turning already!

  5. Hi! I gave you a little shout out on my new blog! Check it out if you can!

    Sweet Times in First


  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this - loved your video directions too. You should record yourself singing it to give us a good beat...HA!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  7. What a great idea! Finally something fun to do with all those darn flash cards....LOL! Thanks for sharing. =)