Saturday, December 25, 2010

Lego Tower Math Game

While waiting to open presents on this beautiful Christmas morning, I finished the game I've been thinking about for the last 5 days...( mind goes at 30 miles an hour)...I had my family help me put it together and test it out, so I think it's finally time to share.  Here's the "scoop":

Lego Tower Math Game Idea...

Time to use those Lego Bricks for more than just building!
Use the sticker label sheet to add number sentences to the Lego Bricks.  Store the bricks in a container.  


To play the game, students pull a brick from the container and solve the number sentence on the sticker label. 

If they have the sum or difference on their Lego Tower Builder Map, the player puts the brick on the answer.  

After all the answers have been covered on a player’s map, they may build their tower in sequential order starting at the top with 0 and ending at the bottom with 18.  If a player picks a brick that has an answer that has already been covered on their map, they lose their turn and put the brick back in the container.  If time runs out before a player is able to gather all the bricks they need to create their tower, players build their towers using the bricks they have gathered.  

The tower that is the tallest…shortest…made with the most bricks…made with the least bricks…(you decide) is the winner.  You might also consider having them play in teams…it would help for those who need extra support with number sentences.

Have a Merry Christmas!


  1. What an awesome post and an awesome blog. I will be sharing this post on the Teaching Heart Facebook page. Thanks.

  2. Thanks! I love to share and am having so much fun with this blog!

  3. Such fabulous creativity! I love it! Boy, I sure do know what you mean about your mind running so fast with ideas that you can't stop it!
    Do try to get at least a LITTLE rest!
    Heidi Butkus

  4. Thanks! Coming from someone as creative as you that's a huge compliment! Looking forward to your new items we can use with ppt and all :)

  5. Heidi thanks for sharing so many wonderful ideas! I grabbed some legos and will try this with my first graders Friday morning! You have definitely inspired me!

  6. Love it! thanks for sharing. We homeschool & i know my boys are going to love this.
    i'm going to pin it to pinterest!