Monday, December 13, 2010

Getting Ready for Grinch Day!

I've been inspired by some wonderful posts on other blogs about Grinch Day!  We'll be incorporating a Grinch Day into our curriculum this week....I'll add some pictures as we get the day started, but to warm's some of the things we'll be doing.

We'll read the story "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" with a could download the album from iTunes and get Boris reading it for 9.99 if you wanted.  Then you get some of the songs from the movie
too :)

We'll do a directed draw of the grinch (I show the kids how to draw the grinch on their papers using words and symbols they understand to make the picture easier to draw).  Around our pictures we'll brainstorm and record words that describe the grinch.

We'll talk about what made the grinch smile at the end of the story and why he changed his mind about taking Christmas away from the Whos.  We'll put together a writing project:  "How I Would Make the Grinch Grin"
Click here for the Hat Pattern
Click here for the Face Pattern

To end the day, I have Grinch Dust to pass out.  They can keep the dust til Christmas Eve and then sprinkle it in the yard to ward off the Grinch from stealing the Christmas Spirit at their house!
Click Here for the Grinch Dust poem pattern

Have a fabulously grinchy day!

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