Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Animals in The Mitten Probability Activities

If you haven't had the opportunity to visit Jan Brett's Web pages, you should go and visit soon!  Her site is full of wonderful educational opportunities.  I love the videos she has available to show the kids how she draws the different characters in her stories.  It's a great tool when doing an author study about 

I found a lesson on the Utah Education Network site that used one of the "old lady who swallowed" stories to introduce and work with probability and graphing.  I modified the lesson and the ideas to make it work for our continued study of Jan Brett's fabulous story "The Mitten".  

Animals in The Mitten Spinner Activity: Show students the Probability Spinner and ask questions like: Which animal are you more likely to spin? Which are you less likely to spin? What does equally likely mean? Decide on a number of spins each group should spin to play the game. Spin the spinner and use tally marks to record
the outcomes on the Data Collection Page. Students can then transfer their findings to graph worksheet. Come together as a whole group to share their findings with the class. Compare the data between the groups using words like: less likely, more likely, and equally likely.

Animal in The Mitten Card Activity:  Print cards on cardstock and laminate. Cut out cards and place them in a brown paper bag with the mitten graphic glued on the front.  Students draw one card from the bag. They put a tally mark on The Data Collection Sheet. Put the card back into the bag, mix the cards up and draw another animal card.  Students continue drawing, placing a tally mark on the data sheet for as many draws as you decide at the
beginning. Students graph their data on the Graph sheet. Compare the data between groups using words like: less likely, more likely, and equally likely.

Download the worksheets:  Click Here

I've looked over the terms of use on Jan Brett's site and I think I'm okay posting this on the blog...I'm not selling anything...I'm not advertising anything ( well...maybe her web pages [http://www.janbrett.com/index.html], which are fabulous!)...however, if you feel this should not be shared on this blog, please let me know and I will delete the post.  I just wanted to share something I think will be useful in the classroom.  Thanks, Heidi

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