Friday, May 15, 2020

Summer Book Study for an InterACTIVE Experience

Getting together plans for an Interactive Book Study
on "The Interactive Class" by Joe & Kristen Merrill
to share with teachers this summer.

The authors are sharing a ton of short PD tutorials
on various media platforms.

Have you seen all the #virtualclassroom shares on Twitter and Instagram?
I've been thinking about ways to incorporate this
idea into my class... I love the idea of
students being able to click on images within images to
take them to websites or activities to complete...

I created this virtual classroom in less than 15 minutes after
watching a quick PD tutorial on The Merrills EDU YouTube Channel.

Here's the Youtube tutorial I used.... it really is a quick way to use
to create a virtual classroom.
I wonder how Buncee could be used to create templates and backgrounds
to incorporate into designs for Seesaw or Classkick?

Can't wait to learn more during our
interACTIVE Book Study
this summer...

Have a great day!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Math Video Tutorials Share

I'm putting together a google doc of some of the math tutorial videos I've created to help my students practice and review 4th grade concepts over the year.

All the links are shareable and will open in a Seesaw view. 
However, you do not need to log into Seesaw to view the video.

You are welcome to use and share the videos if you find them helpful.
You can find them by using the link:

I'll continue to add videos for different skills, so the document should automatically update for you when you tap on the link.

I'm also sharing on my Instagram account: @swampfrogs

as well as on my Twitter account: @swampfrogfirst
You can also connect with me on snapchat:

Let me know if I can help!
Together we can do this❣️

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Digital Planning with the GoodNotesApp5 and DPC Digitals

Digital Planning with the GoodNotesApp5 and DPC Digitals
I remember "back in the day"...

     Like ..... way "back in the day"...

when my planbook used to be colorful and decorated with stickers and colored ink!

Fast forward to the "digital age" where I need to be able to access my plans from many different devices at home and at school....

      ...and HOW frustrated I get when I "think" I put the planbook in my backpack to bring home, but instead left it on my teacher table for the next day ... just in case I get sick and need it for a sub!

Well...NO MORE... I love using allows me to share plans with my team and access from ANY device at home or school...
            doesn't allow me to "pretty it up"....

Enter...#digitialplanners from
I joined the newsletter and am so glad I did! So many ideas and shares! Plus lots of freebies!

I purchased the goodnotes5 app when it used to be goodnotes a long time ago and have used it from time to time to take notes and keep track of ideas...

                 .....but now....I can integrate the notebooks and stickers from @dpcdigitals with the @goodnotesapp to create useful, organizational, and shareable plans that allow me the ability to create fun cute pages!


I'll be sharing ideas and ways to use the #digitalplanners on Instagram and have created a highlight section to keep track of all the fun!
Want to join me? Just follow me on instagram
or follow the hashtags

Do you create with digital notebooks too? I'd love to connect with you and share ideas!

Have a great day! 

Saturday, September 14, 2019

First Mystery Skype of the Year

My students LOVE connecting to #sharethelearning!

This week we were able to connect with a class in Minnesota to play a game of Mystery Number Skype!

So much fun to watch students use place value skills, communication skills, and try to figure out the other class's number first.

For more information:

How do you connect to share your learning?

Enjoy your day!

Monday, July 8, 2019

Pop Up Pod for Recording & Greenscreen

I have been learning more and more about #greenscreenedu 
from Anita Goodwin (Goodwinnovate) on Social Media.
I LOVE her shares on Instagram for using greenscreen 
in the classroom. Amazing ideas!

Also excited to hear about FlipGrid's new AR feature...LOVE their VoicePod

Took some time this weekend to search IKEA for a similar set up with no luck...well...I found other things I apparently the hand crank flashlight for $2.99! But no pod that was green and could pop up and down.

So I did a search for pop up pods on Amazon and voila!
This friend showed up!
affiliate link

Even has a video on how to fold the pod to put it away in the carrying case! What!!!!

Can't wait to see how my new students will use this
pop up pod to create this year!

Do you greenscreen?
I'd love to hear more about what you use!

Connect with me on social media to share more
ideas and activities!

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Monday, June 24, 2019

How Do Your Students "Soak It All In?"

I've been updating a blog I created to share Math Resources for Fourth Grade Math Teacher this summer. I've come across some super neat shares that teachers from across the globe are sharing to engage their students. 

I'm sure I've heard of "Sponge Activities" before, but...
I don't think the idea stuck with me until I read Jessica (from What I've Learned Teaching) blog post today. She has some amazing ideas for #usingALLthetime and not wasting a single minute of the day... like fun activities! 

Be sure to hop over to her blog and check out some of her amazing resources!

The activity that caught my eye this morning was "The Price is Right"...probably because I've been visiting my parents this week and that is one of their FAVORITE shows to watch...really addicting actually. So I think I can make it into a fun activity for my students this year too! 

What will you find to add to your "Teacher Tool Box"? 

Join me on Facebook to share your favorite "sponge" activity! 
I'd love to hear what you plan on using this year too!

Enjoy your day!
@swampfrogfirst on Twitter
@swampfrogs on Instagram

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Engaging Activities with Augmented Reality

I'm excited to share about some of my favorite resources for Augmented Reality and how I use them in the classroom with the teachers attending BCS Techcellence today.

We'll work with Merge Cubes, Quivervision, and HPReveal during the time we have together.

You can find the resources I've shared below.

I had the privilege of meeting Mary Howard at ISTE Chicago in the summer of 2018. Her work with the Merge Cube and Co-Spaces is engaging and exciting. You can check out her resources for Merge Cube at her TPT Store: "Using Your Smarticles" Link: TPT store.
She shares about QR codes and HPReveal along with Merge Cube on her blog: Link: BLOG
She has a Facebook Page and great shares on Twitter. Link: TWITTER

Merge Cube has a wonderful site with resources and shares.

HPReveal shares resources and activities.

This awesome resource is free on TPT from Jo Nase. It has step by step instructions for using HPReveal and has been so very helpful to me! LINK TO PRODUCT. Her store is called "ATBOT The Book Bug".

Quivervision has a TON of resources to help bring augmented reality to life in your classroom. Be sure to check out their WEBSITE. Be sure to check out Quiver Masks...they're quickly becoming a favorite in my class.

Resources from my sessions at Techcellence today...

Follow me on Instagram (@swampfrogs) for more shares about how I use Augmented Reality in my classroom.