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Friday, October 10, 2014

Math Block Re-Worked.....again :)

It's the end of Fall Break .... and most of Fall Break was spent trying to figure out how to 
re-work the math time to increase the time with small groups and skill delivery while making the most out of station rotation times.... 
ever have one of those years where things just need to be "adjusted" every once in awhile to see if things go better!

So....instead of going with 4 groups...I'm going to try to work with 3 groups and some mini lessons for whole group time...
The Station Maps are ready to go...
Want to make your own map....
Click HERE for the free file...

Here's a file for making plans and keeping notes as well...
Click HERE for the free file...

We're working with Money and Counting Coins.
I've got some stations ready to roll for Math by Myself..

Using popscicle sticks I whipped up some coin puzzles for the kiddos to 
put together and record in their math journals.
I printed out some online money worksheet and cut apart to glue
coin combinations on jumbo sticks...kiddos pull out, record in math journals, 
and practice counting combinations 
I found bright colored paper for more coin combos to count and record as well.
Egg cartons and printed out coin pages helped me put together a quick 
coin toss to use with pom poms and math journals...

I also LOVE....LOVE....Love Autumn's Watch Think and Colors...
So I printed them out using her directions and added them 
to small photo booklets
Kids get a small 120 Hundred Chart...
Glue it to the journal and then color the correct
patterns for each skill.
Whew!  Lots of fun games ready to go along with my good old 
stables for stations are ready to roll!

How's your Math Block working for you?

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Beavers and Pow + TIDE

Here's another try with our Pow + Tide writing using the linear tree map version of a graphic organizer.

We are reading the story "Turtle's Race with Beaver" and our looking at creating animal habitats.  So....we read about beavers and then wrote a paragraph using our "caveman" talk from the tree map organizer.  It's working pretty well for most...
You can download the pages HERE or by clicking on the pictures below. :)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Using Pow Tide with Ants

Hello All,
Our story for this week is in the Reading Street series called "The Strongest One"...
To go along with this we're focusing some 'informational' text and writing on Ants...

Here's a packet of what we're doing for the writing...
You can download a copy HERE

FYI....this is the "tree map" design I used to use before we were asked to make the graphic organizers linear....I just made the tree map into a linear version....we'll see if it works :)

We're also working with digraphs this week... so here's my version of the Pig game for those words as well.  You can download it HERE


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Using Pow + Tide with Deserts and Reading Street

I don't know about you....but this Pow + Tide has been an interesting weed in the swamp!

I learned more about SRSD during our state's summer training and have been trying to work with my froggies to accomplish this type of writing...

The 'concept' is great!  But the kiddos are struggling at this time...sooo... team and I are trying to focus on using the Reading Street stories that have the skills for main idea and details to help build up the concepts before attempting to write using the Pow + Tide...

Our story on "A Walk in the Desert" is a great one with lots of main idea resources for this use...

I've created some sheets that I 'think' might help during this short week and am excited to see how the kids will respond. :)

Might even try to attempt trying to take some notes ..... but we'll see!

Here's a download of some of the things we'll be using this week...

Also created a quick sort for inflected endings to go along with the phonics aspects of our studies this week!  You can download it HERE

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mini Me Fun!

Spent a little indulgence on a mini me and I LOVE HER!

Thanks to Crystal Fox and her wonderful design she is...

My students helped put her together...down to the stripes on my shoes and the tuff of white hair on Daphne's head.  They loved sending Crystal suggestions on how to "improve" the graphic she was creating.  She was so EASY to work with and very patient with their questions about how she draws the different items in the picture!

For the price of a couple cups of "froo froo coffee", I now have a wonderful graphic to spice up my work :)  Why not take a moment and splurge for yourself?  
You'll find it soooo much fun and easy to do!

Check out Crystal's TpT store HERE
and her blog at...

Now...can someone tell me how to add her into my signature for the body of my posts without having to import the picture every time?
I sure would appreciate some techie advice!

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

How to Scan a QR Code WHILE on a Device!

I was working on updating my QR code Math Task Challenge for my classroom blog today! I learned how to connect an Evernote with a QR code from "FlapJack Education" and love challenging my students to scan the code at home and see if they can complete the task for a "treat"...

After I shared the updated code....I had an interesting question from a parent…. they were ON their device looking AT the code....but “Is there a way to scan a QR code when you’re looking at it on your device?”

Answer….YES! (Thanks to the technology searching from my awesome parent!)

Pretty simple instructions too....

Take a screenshot of the QR code on your device…
Then open your QR scanner app and go to the menu
click on the one that says 
scan a photo
it will prompt you to open the photo and 
Voila! You can now scan a QR code on your device!

Here’s a quick (and pretty bad video) of how to…

Hope you find this useful!
Many thanks to my awesome parents!
They help me to learn more about technology so I can share with you!

Enjoy your day,

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Birthday Bubbles

This year our school district is saying "no" to birthday food treats...

So to make the day a little more fun for the munchkins in my room

I thought we'd do "Birthday Bubbles"...

Using the formula for "super bubble" from 

I created the "Birthday Bubble" solution in a handy dandy dispensing jar...
Found it on summer clearance :)

On a child's birthday, we can pass out pipe cleaners to make bubble wands 

fill up small plastic cups 

with our birthday bubble solution to 
have some extra fun at recess...

I can purchase those small bubble bottles
add a cupcake sticker or leave em blank...
and have an easy way to fill em up when they run out...

You can check out the fun we had with 
bouncing bubbles this year... HERE

If you'd like the Birthday Bubble signage for your container...
with the cutest graphics EVER....check out
click HERE

Back to school on MONDAY!!!!

Enjoy your weekend!


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